Monthly Archive: Feb, 2014

review: Emergency Couple Episode 10

Best episode by far. For the first time, I was genuinely tickled by the funny and the OTP finally get their butts and hearts moving on the love front. Now I finally see… Continue reading

preview: Three Days Episode 1

That’s a lot of things going on for just one episode – and the opening one at that. One advantage of having an idol starring in a drama is that English-subbed videos are… Continue reading

kim hee sun + lee seo jin = simmering chemistry

The slow burn kinda chemistry never fails to get me hook, line and sinker. First, Tony Yang and Sonia Sui. Now Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun are making me grin like… Continue reading

cunning single lady has a leading man you want to root for…

Bottom line: he still loves her. That’s what I summed up after watching the first episode of Cunning Single Lady. Lee Min Jung is all boisterous cuteness as Ae Ra, while I actually… Continue reading

bad boy + bag lady

It’s my fave desert-frolicking couple! But sadly, these spreads were shot separately. I’ve been missing Shin Min Ah and she’s lookin’ so lovely hawking Zanellato bags. On the other hand, So Ji Sub… Continue reading

preview: Emergency Couple Episode 10

I’m posting this preview to prove that the OTP is FINALLY going to take a romantic turn. We are at the mid-way point of the series and right until now, I feel like… Continue reading

secret love affair releases melancholic teaser

Sigh.The sinful taste of forbidden love. Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In continue to sweep viewers away with their scintillating May-December romance with just stills and brief glimpses of their upcoming drama… Continue reading

otp snapshots@the pursuit of happiness novel [updated]

So I ordered the novel version of The Pursuit Of Happiness and it’s the original content with BTS pics of the drama included. The novel’s a good read but the drama adaptation is… Continue reading

three days holds press conference

President and bodyguard plus police and enemies all gathered for the press conference of Three Days, which was held earlier in the day. The ladies were pretty in white while the men all… Continue reading

review: The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 4

Love does start from the simple act of mutual caring, doesn’t it? An Lei may be the most prickly woman Yi Kang has even come across but he does see through her tough… Continue reading

review: Wonderful Season Episode 1-2

Errr… I’m not too sure whether doing weekly reviews of Wonderful Season is a sane idea since the drama is slated for 50 episodes, but I’m gonna try my best to hang in… Continue reading

lady and liar drops lush teaser

Okay. I’m considering checking this out only for and only because of Tony Yang. And because his voice isn’t dubbed!!! A rarity when it comes to Chinese productions. The synopsis pretty much reads… Continue reading