Monthly Archive: Oct, 2014

review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 14

You can separate them but they’ll somehow find their way back to each other again. Am I the only one glad that Woo Hyun was brought up by and takes after his dear… Continue reading

hunks gather at the cosmopolitan beauty awards

Never thought I’ll see these two hotties together in one frame. Jung Il Woo and Wu Zun snapped a pic together at the recent Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in Shanghai and gotta say both… Continue reading

script reading + first stills of upcoming sageuk drama servants

Touted as a “modern sageuk romance thriller”, jtbc’s upcoming drama, Servants, stars Oh Ji Ho and Jung Yoo Mi. The story revolves around the lowest class citizens of the Joseon era, with Jung… Continue reading

birth of a beauty holds press conference [updated with long teaser]

Upcoming SBS weekend drama Birth Of A Beauty held its press conference earlier today and I think Wang Ji Hye and Joo Sang Wook stole the limelight from the main OTP pairing. But… Continue reading

when love comes to my little star

One of the things I’m most grateful for with regard to this blog is readers generously sharing news/updates about celebrities/dramas that they know I love. Anyway, a dear reader recently notified me that… Continue reading

not wanted: love + marriage

Woman has an aversion to love. Man has an aversion to marriage. So what then??? Tae Joo’s “courtship” of Gang Shim comes to a screeching halt when faced with his dad’s astute questioning:“Can… Continue reading

it girl on the go [updated]

Quite the fashion darling, isn’t she? Thanks to her porcelain skin, slim figure, lanky limbs and nymph-like appeal. Kim Sae Ron is pretty much the IT teenager of the moment. She has clocked… Continue reading

birth of a beauty rolls out delightful teaser

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Birth Of A Beauty is straight-up rom-com as its teasers seem to be pointing wholeheartedly in that direction. Han Ye Seul is always charming in comedy and… Continue reading

boysitter releases cute ost mv

This is really shaping up quite nicely. Why am I already shipping Annie Chen with River Huang? Not a big fan of the spritely OST but I’m liking all the OTP scenes I… Continue reading

he’s in love and he knows it

So Hyun’s discovery journey of love in this episode was so satisfying. I loved that he berated himself for wasting so much time being cold to Yoon Seo but definitely didn’t waste time… Continue reading

review: High School: Love On Episode 13

It’s a rather amazing love that Woo Hyun and Seul Bi have. They’re actually not really romantic or mushy… they are mostly practical and fuss-free. But what makes them breath-taking is their rock-solid… Continue reading

omo… what a kiss

One of the best sageuk kisses ever. Or maybe the best. Even better is the build-up to the scene and what it signifies. The kiss is downright sexy and sweet at once. Sexy… Continue reading