Monthly Archive: Nov, 2013

review: The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 8

And they didn’t kiss. But this episode is all about the little things that matter. Yi Kang knowing what An Lei would like to order for dinner; he knowing how to handle her… Continue reading

kind words holds press conference

I love the cast ensemble for Kind Words – all solid actors in their own right. On watching the long teaser, I think I’m going to like the trajectory of the plot. I… Continue reading

proscecutor & pole dancer

Huh?? Uee pole dancing?? I know she has experience since pole dancing featured in the dance choreography of one of After School’s latest songs, but for makjang drama Golden Rainbow? Unless she is… Continue reading

review: Heirs Episode 16

What a sad pair of brothers – though I feel sadder for their lady loves. Kim Tan also goes about unfinished business, kissing Eun Sang senseless in the pantry where he almost kissed… Continue reading

best time delivers smokin’ scene in Episode 9…

I’m so very taken with how the OTP moments are being played out in Best Time. Wallace Chung is oozing so much charisma as Lu Li Cheng that it isn’t legal. Episode 9… Continue reading

you came from the stars rolls out romantic 2nd teaser

There’s something about Jeon Ji Hyun that never seems to change with age – besides the fact that she has been downright gorgeous since Day One. She possesses this winsome, ethereally vulnerable quality… Continue reading

lee beom soo + yoona sidle up…

I’m becoming a fast fan of the Lee Beom Soo + Yoona pairing with every new release of OTP stills. I really like the featured photo of this post as there’s this measure… Continue reading

you came from the stars drops dreamy teaser

I like, I like. Call me a stubborn old horse but the first thing I check out in a drama – if it is to be romance-centric – is the potential chemistry between… Continue reading

best time is giving me a good time

One week and eight episodes in, I can safely declare that Best Time is worth watching because of the fun interludes between the OTP – and the fact Wallace Chung and Janine Chang… Continue reading

golden rainbow holds script reading for adult cast

YES! The filming for the adult cast of Golden Rainbow has finally gotten underway. I’m happy just seeing Uee and Jung Il Woo together – even in hastily homemade split frames. I have… Continue reading

review: Heirs Episode 15

What’s up with this drama and forced kisses? Anyway, Eun Sang finally embraces her feelings for Kim Tan, confesses them to him and starts to get all cutesy on her newly minted boyfriend.… Continue reading

weary souls connect in kind words

Hmm…after watching the latest teaser for Kind Words, I’m feelin’ more tired, weary souls and lonely hearts finding each other as opposed to just plain sizzling sexual and physical attraction between the main… Continue reading