Monthly Archive: Jan, 2014

thriller versus melo

There’s a whole slew of dramas prepping up for premiere end-winter/beginning of spring and so far, the only one lined up on the three major broadcast stations I’m remotely excited about is SBS’… Continue reading

kim hee sun gives lee seo jin the brush-off

At least that’s what it looks like from the latest stills of Wonderful Season. I already like what I see based on both of their less-than-joyous expressions. For Kim Hee Sun, it’s stubborn… Continue reading

secret love affair holds script reading

The sight of Yoo Ah In’s smile puts a smile on my face. The cast of Secret Love Affair gathered for the drama’s first script reading and I’m strangely confident the leads will… Continue reading

if only these two shoots were one…

Sigh. Did I mention I miss my weekly dose of Sonia Sui and Tony Yang? Anyway, I have dug up some fairly recent individual videos (shot last year) of them so that fans… Continue reading

review: Prime Minister And I Episode 15

Kwon Yul meant it when he declared earlier that he was never letting go of Da Jung’s hand. I can never resist a man of his word – and a man so determined… Continue reading

lee min ho does it again for eider S/S 2014

Of all Lee Min Ho’s numerous endorsements, my fave are his Eider ads. At least I know he’ll won’t be styled weirdly and he always looks slightly rugged in them. The BTS of… Continue reading

review: Prime Minister And I Episode 14

Current contract-soon-to-real wife finally sees current-supposedly-dead-wife. SIGH. Just when the husband (to both) is going to propose to the former and finally lay to rest the latter. We all know this day would… Continue reading

love lost but feelings linger…

I’m travelling at the moment and will continue to do so until the week after, so updates will be kinda erratic until then and based on Wi-Fi reception at my various destinations. But… Continue reading

500,000 thanks…

So this blog crossed the half-million mark for number of views some hours ago and I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this incredible feat – in my opinion. I do… Continue reading

emergency couple off to a cute start

The acting’s a little shaky with regards to both leads but I think the first episode of Emergency Couple did enough to convince me to check out Episode 2. Choi Jin Hyuk is… Continue reading

she’s so beautiful…like a goddess

Not my words, but Tony Yang’s. I think he manned up for his role in The Pursuit Of Happiness and he did admit working out for the drama so that he could and… Continue reading

janine chang + joe cheng are a dreamy pair…

Now they’re talking. Oomph. I’m loving the new stills for Taiwanese drama You Light Up My Star. Joe Cheng is quite the rakish dreamboat in the most recent batch of pics and I’m… Continue reading