Monthly Archive: Oct, 2018

chemistry a cut above

After crying through the second half of Episode 10 of Beauty Inside, I’m glad JTBC released the BTS for the sweet house date Se Gye enjoyed with Do Jae to perk me up.… Continue reading

hyun bin + jang dong gun go rampant overseas

Stars of zombie thriller Rampant, Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun, jetted to Singapore to promote their movie. Well, it says “International Junket” on the media backdrop so I’m not sure if the… Continue reading

so they really were together…

It’s TKL love again. Hong Jong Hyun posted a pic of him taking pictures of Yoona and Park Ji Hyun… and the photo should be taken by Park Hwan Hee. The girl on… Continue reading

mama fairy and woodcutter holds press conference

Mama Fairy And Woodcutter held its press conference on October 30. The cast was quite nicely coordinated in terms of wardrobe, with Moon Chae Won looking equally matchy with both leading men, Yoo… Continue reading

sound of your heart: reboot screening on netflix

This took long enough. Sound Of Your Heart: Reboot starring Sung Hoon and Yuri apparently has started screening on Netflix. They make a cute pair and are adorably cheesy and goofy in the… Continue reading

damn can these two kiss…

SMOKIN’ SEXY. I don’t know why JTBC ditched shaving cream for wine but DAAAAAAMNNN… Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin kissed the oxygen out of each other in Episode 9 of Beauty… Continue reading

flashin’ some skin

Han Ye Seul bares some for Elle Korea. She is one actress that lands numerous magazine pictorials despite not being super active project-wise. She flaunts her super slim frame and peroxided tresses, modelling… Continue reading

clean with passion now drops 1st teaser

The first teaser of JTBC’s Clean With Passion Now is horrifying. Haha. Kim Yoo Jung’s character is such a slob that I can’t even…. It must be true love for Yoon Kyun Sang’s… Continue reading

the villagers make another stop

The cast of The Villagers met the press and the next time we see them would be the VIP premiere. Hmmm… not a fan of Kim Sae Ron’s outfit but her hair is… Continue reading

dating… kissing…. shaving… playing

Each time I think Beauty Inside can’t get any better, Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki prove they can. JTBC released sexy, swoony stills of our OTP getting it on with enough… Continue reading

1 night 2 days remembers kim joo hyuk

1 Night 2 Days screened a special feature to remember former member, actor Kim Joo Hyuk, who passed away in a car accident on October 31 last year. I was reminded how sudden… Continue reading

he sees the young lady inside…

I would be befuddled too if I were Yoo Hyun Min. In the latest teaser for fantasy drama, Mama Fairy and Woodcutter, the reincarnated woodcutter doesn’t see an old grandma but a young… Continue reading