Monthly Archive: Aug, 2013

most wanted otp… so ji sub & shin min ah

I know I have posted this video before, but thought I’ll just post it again. Just because. This Giordano ad effortlessly sizzles – thanks to the insanely gorgeous, chemistry-laden pairing of So Ji… Continue reading

shin min ah… a breezy beauty for giordano

I love Shin Min Ah to bits. I just don’t love most of her dramas and movies. She’s alluring in a very healthy, sexy way and I don’t think she has done much… Continue reading

lee jung jae…smothers on the spot

Lee Jung Jae belongs to that category of men who just becomes sexier and more potent with age. Like 15-year-old Pu’er tea – which I managed to sample during my recent work trip… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 2) excerpts – Part 3

Hey guys. Please do give me a heads-up when you know that the third volume is available for purchase. I find it difficult to keep track of the release dates. Thanks in advance!… Continue reading

forest & parkas… lee min ho is my fall guy

I agree wholeheartedly with Innisfree – Lee Min Ho is perfect. Well, that’s the name of the product he’s endorsing in the commerical above. Talking about voices, I love his the bestest, though… Continue reading

cute couple alert… lee soo hyuk & hara

I don’t really follow idol gossip, but this piece of news involves Lee Soo Hyuk. Those who followed my Shark recaps would know I have developed a noona fondness for Lee Soo Hyuk… Continue reading

there is hope…

So I breezed through Episode 17 of Empire of Gold with English subs…and I think there’s a glimmer of hope for the OTP. I missed a few telling moments due to my woeful… Continue reading

it’s grad school…not high school

Credit as stated Firstly, I hate, hate those sneakers. And if they were an attempt to make LMH appear more youthful, the stylist should be given an earful. And paired with that starchy… Continue reading

my lovely hate-love-hate-love couple…

Credit to uploader as stated I think my order of feelings is just about right. They hate each other from the beginning of the drama, kinda fell in love with each other when… Continue reading

recap: Empire of Gold Episode 18

Well, SJ is out of the way for now. Everyone is free to attack anybody without having to worry about tiptoeing around him in the process. SH is starting to appear like duty… Continue reading

rain takes off with style…

> Daaaaamn. I stayed at the same hotel as Rain…albeit a year-and-a-half earlier. I’ll assume we breathed the same elevator air and treaded on the same floor tiles. Rain stayed at the Sofitel… Continue reading

recap: Empire of Gold Episode 17

HA. The preview was sooooo misleading. But rather than curse and swear, I would rather wait and see just how the story unfolds from here on. Did something happen or was there a… Continue reading