Monthly Archive: Jul, 2014

mama holds press conference: hong jong hyun… who else?

LAST POST OF THE DAY. Think I overdid it today so forgive me if I sound extra-hyper. Heh. I’m signing off with Hong Jong Hyun!!!!! Mama held its press conference on July 31… Continue reading

surplus princess introduces characters in highlights teaser

I spot a cutie and it isn’t On Joo Wan or Song Jae Rim. It’s Nam Joo Hyuk, who looks like a baby Gong Yoo. Strange thing is I’m not a fan of… Continue reading

joe cheng + janine chang pose for mingzhou weekly

People who weren’t familiar with Joe Cheng before You Light Up My Star will be surprised at how fun-loving and chatty he is in real life – quite the opposite from his character… Continue reading

not-yet-aired or omitted??

I’m guessing this scene ended up on the cutting room floor since the 15-minute preview of High School: Love On Episode 3 showed the trio strolling by the convenience store without stopping. The… Continue reading

my secret hotel unveils first teaser

tvN is on a roll and has got me semi-ensnared with all its recent and upcoming productions. And next on the list is My Secret Hotel, which sounds like Cluedo with a rom-com… Continue reading

surplus princess drops teasers for 1st episode

Well, I honestly don’t know what to expect from Surplus Princess but it seems entertaining enough for me to check out at least the first couple of episodes. I’m pretty sure Miss Mermaid… Continue reading

review: Wonderful Season Episode 45-46

I wanna whack Hae Joo and Dong Tak over the head with a frying pan. It’s sad when a prodigal son who had been away for 15 years understands his mother more than… Continue reading

love at second sight…

The last time I really liked Rainie Yang in anything was Devil Beside You with Mike He and that was eons ago. Though I’m unable to wrap myself around her animated, cutesy brand… Continue reading

song kang ho + yoo ah in face off in sado

The two actors were so immersed in their respective characters – check out Song Kang Ho’s steely gaze and Yoo Ah In’s agitated fury – that all we have to do is copy-and-paste… Continue reading

lee min ho to kickstart global tour in fall

It has been announced that Lee Min Ho will be embarking on a global tour come September 2014. SIGH. That kinda means Gangnam Blues will be his only major acting project for 2014.… Continue reading

lee seo jin is laidback sexy in kbs kwave

Leo Seo Jin recently graced the cover of KBS KWave, all groomed and dimpled. With Wonderful Season wrapping up its run in a few weeks, fans of Lee Seo Jin better take the… Continue reading

review: You Light Up My Star Episode 9

Absence makes the heart grow fonder as the couple miss each other as they individually go on with their lives and work for the first time in years. For Man Ling, it is… Continue reading