Monthly Archive: Jun, 2013

bts translation: Jang Ok Jung…his lens can’t take the heat

YAI and KTH are filming that crazy-charged scene. YAI practises his shoving movement, while KTH asks the PD to let her continue to lie flat on the floor to prevent her head from… Continue reading

soonjung…so cute off-screen

I finally found the full version of this press conference. I just love how cute they are together off-screen. YAI genuinely looks like he’s having the time of his life. Awww…watching this makes… Continue reading

sword & flower…fab from all angles

I don’t see how this drama can go wrong…the third teaser looks just as fab as the previous two. I’m posting some of the goodies I’ve found…a couple with English subs. One of… Continue reading

Jang Ok Jung…the aftermath

It’s strange how bereft one feels after a drama ends its run – especially one that you’ve been rabidly chasing for months. JOJ has entertained me weekly for the past four months and… Continue reading

brief recap: Shark Episode 10

More movement in this episode and damn, KNG is one suave guy. I can’t promise that I will do brief recaps every week, but these two episodes were interesting enough for me to… Continue reading

brief recap: Shark Episode 9

With the ending of JOJ, I can finally direct my full attention to Shark , at least on Mondays and Tuesdays. And yes! The drama finally picked up speed in Episode 9 and… Continue reading

recap: Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 24 (finale)

And we have come to the end of the journey. And I’m proud to say I’m glad I stuck through with the drama despite the many hiccups. I actually found the ending satisfying.… Continue reading

sword & flower…reeling me in + potential recap-to-be dramas

I really must have a soft spot for sageuks. The second teaser of Sword & Flower has cemented my decision to watch this drama. And yes, I’m considering recapping another sageuk back-to-back. I’ll… Continue reading

recap: Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 23

No complaints with regards to this episode since we all know what this is going to lead to. I just wished the writer had fleshed out DY’s character in a deeper way. It… Continue reading

Jang Ok Jung…the final stretch

We are coming to the last two episodes of JOJ and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have been following my recaps. What started out… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 1) excerpts – Part VI

We’ve arrived at the part right after Eun Soo spent the whole night fixing up Choi Young’s stab wound. He wakes up… Choi Young’s point-of-view: I saw the woman on the chair near… Continue reading

shark…is kinda floating at the moment

So I watched Episode 22 of JOJ again and sniffled my way through that scene at the bridge when LS said he can’t live without her. To swing my drama emotional meter back… Continue reading