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he needs to buy a ring…

Yay, another decent cut of Jung Il Woo and Yuri behind the scenes in Bossam. It’s the cute scene where Soo Kyung demands Ba Woo to sleep with her. Kudos to the director… Continue reading

you who are the most beautiful in joseon…

Finally some decent footage of Jung Il Woo and Yuri behind-the-scenes in Bossam. During the filming of the peach blossom scene, Jung Il Woo muses how Ba Woo should address Soo Kyung to… Continue reading

if something happens to you because of me… i’ll really go crazy

I try not to translate spoilers before an episode airs but omo… Soo Kyung and Ba Woo are just too lovely in their feelings for each other in Bossam. And well, Jung Il… Continue reading

nam joo hyuk + han ji min promote new film

I remember the first time I saw Nam Joo Hyuk in Surplus Princess – which was his first drama – I mentioned how cute I thought he was and how he reminded me… Continue reading

chalking up chatter

BTS clips of Touch Your Heart‘s cute scenes. I’m glad Wednesday isn’t that far away for me because I’m eager to see how Yoon Seo and Jung Rok progress from where we last… Continue reading

the prowess of lee min ki + seo hyun jin

SIGH. I miss Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin already. JTBC released a BTS clip and I hope it isn’t the last one. Please release a BTS special!!!! They are daebak together.… Continue reading

the sun doesn’t go down on their chemistry…

A perfect off-camera shot of Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin. Watch this BTS clip to see Lee Min Ki laugh over and over. He is soooo lovable when he cracks up.… Continue reading

what’s in a line?

So I said I went through the script snippets of The King Loves posted in the comments. Obviously, there were slight differences, and some of the snippets were parts that the posters thought… Continue reading

song ji na chats about the king loves

Goodness, I’m exhausted. I’ve just translated parts of an interview with Song Ji Na in which she talked about how she views her role as a writer, and of course, her latest work,… Continue reading

yoona spills on the love triangle, visiting im si wan & hong jong hyun

I’m still reeling from the finale of The King Loves. My poor heart will never be the same again. Anyway, Yoona gave a slew of post-drama interviews, and I picked out stuff she… Continue reading

these two

“I don’t ever have dating plans. I believe love comes along unexpectedly and if it happens, I will have no qualms dating that person.” Well, this is what Hong Jong Hyun said in… Continue reading

preview: the king loves episode 37-38

Have translated the written preview so that fans of the drama and Rin would be able to get through the week and weekend assured that Rin didn’t die. HA. I think MBC didn’t… Continue reading