Monthly Archive: Jul, 2013

recap: Shark Episode 20 (finale)

So Yi Soo dies. Sigh. You can’t expect any less – or more – with Kim Nam Gil as the lead. Here goes: We start with SH driving to meet YS – he… Continue reading

recap: Shark Episode 19

An exciting episode and we’ll know how it all ends tomorrow. I’m hoping beyond hope no one on the good team will die, but sigh…someone’s gotta make a sacrifice somehow Here goes: We… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 1) excerpts – Part X

We continue from the previous part I posted. Eun Soo apologises for stabbing Choi Young and is pleading with him to let her treat his wound. Choi Young’s point-of-view: The heavenly woman was… Continue reading

translation: shark episode 19 preview

Just a really rough translation as I couldn’t really catch a couple of parts. But I’m really crossing my fingers and toes SH doesn’t turn out to be a bad guy and betray… Continue reading

onscreen magic…powered by offscreen chemistry

You’ll just have to check out BTS interactions to know whether onscreen OTP pairings usually work. Usually if the OTP gets along fabulously off-screen, onscreen sizzle is usually a given. Thus, I’m a… Continue reading

recap: Shark Episode 18

Sigh. Someone please yank the brakes on YS or we won’t be able to catch the slightest glimpse of a happy ending on the horizon, which is looking rather dreary and gloomy right… Continue reading

recap: Shark Episode 17

Though HW obviously has a more-than-usual affection for YS, it’s a mixture of romantic love and platonic love: she’s physically attracted to the adult YS and yearns for that boy YS that was… Continue reading

shark…two cuties & a daddy

I would love to post a recap of Shark Episode 17 right now, but my schedule is forbidding me to do so. But will definitely post one later. YH and YS continue to… Continue reading

sword & flower…good but non-addictive

I’m still watching Sword & Flower and I’m still liking it. But I’m not recapping it for a simple reason: I can’t watch it more than once. To do a proper recap, I… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 1) excerpts – Part IX

I’ve added a section just for Faith novel translations. I’ll just add to that as and when I post new excerpts. So if you guys wanna read all the excerpts in one go,… Continue reading

couple caper…perfect pictorial pairs

I came across the recent Marie Claire spread starring Jin Woon and Go Jun Hee and was inspired to post a few of my fave couple magazine shoots/print ads I’ve come across. I… Continue reading

surf me over…lee min ho is point-break hot

Are those muscles I see? LMH usually looks so slim covered up that despite my adoration for him, I always thought he wouldn’t be that defined in the physique department. But he’s obviously… Continue reading