Watch what you love. Screw ratings.

I’ve unwittingly developed a penchant for following dramas that tank at viewership ratings. Korean ones especially, no less. Funnily enough, these ill-fated series seem to take off online, but just not on TV. So this blog is for me to gush, rave (and rant) about my fave dramas now, and past. Of course, expect some ramdom rambling about my list of eye candy, both male and female, and well, whatever I feel like pecking on my keyboard at that moment.

Everyone needs air to live. But to survive the daily grind of life, one has to have something that makes you swoon for a second to perk up your mood and day. For me, it’s the surreal universe of dramas and the occasional variety show or movie. Where men are drop-dead gorgeous and women oh-so-pretty. Heady romances or grand tales that make you wish for more…and render you breathless.

At least temporarily.

Breathlessness for Survival.

That’s my rule of the day…and most nights.