he needs to buy a ring…

Yay, another decent cut of Jung Il Woo and Yuri behind the scenes in Bossam. It’s the cute scene where Soo Kyung demands Ba Woo to sleep with her. Kudos to the director for guiding the two actors so well in their scenes and lines. But you need chemistry to make the scenes spark and shine, and Jung Il Woo and Yuri have oodles of that. They are naturally great together. Sexy, playful. My heart… I don’t wanna ship them in real life but…

Anyway, I’ve roughly translated the bit when they appeared together. Text in brackets are the comments scribbled on the screen. The first part of the clip hasn’t been aired yet – as predicted, Dae Yeob will save Ba Woo and Soo Kyung again.

1:14 [Someone is making Ongjja laugh … and that someone is Kim Dae Seok.]

1:33 [The two actors execute the detailed directions of the PD.]

1:40 Yuri bursts out laughing, amused at how Jung Il Woo says the line, “Please wait for a moment.” Jung Il Woo jokes, “I’ll go and buy a ring.” And he bursts out laughing himself. Heh. That wedding ring did pop out of nowhere. [The atmosphere at the set is always bright.]

1:44 Yuri practises her line about whether the king ordered Ba Woo to stay away from Soo Kyung… and Jung Il Woo just cracks up immediately. Yuri cutely shoves him playfully with a big smile [The WooSoo Couple: now the two of them just keep laughing each time they look at each other.]

1:53 Yuri says,” If that’s not the case, sleep here!” [Cute scolding by Soo Kyung who wants to sleep with Ba Woo]

1:58 Yuri keeps checking whether she is executing her lines as how the PD wants.

2:00 Yuri says the line when Soo Kyung asks Ba Woo if he doesn’t like her… and adorably asks Jung Il Woo after, “Like that?” I can’t really make out his reply but I think he says “Yes.”

2:08 Jung Il Woo runs out after saying the line asking Soo Kyung to wait, and Yuri yells after him, ” You don’t like me!” Hmmm. I’m glad the PD decided to ditch that last line and instead got Soo Kyung to just look stumped when Ba Woo rushed out of the room. Much nicer.

2:15 [The two actors are immersed when they film the scene.]

2:30 [A forthright and charismatic Soo Kyung doing a fact-check.]

2:49 [Soo Kyung’s beseeching but laser-like gaze.]

2:55 A repeat of what happened in 2:00.

Man, you can feel their chemistry through the screen. How comfy they are with each other. All the sparkly eyes and happy smiles. It’s just the way they are…