caught in the middle of spring

The two men meet in the latest stills of You Are My Spring. Seo Hyun Jin looks rather sheepish as she is caught between the two men. Kim Dong Wook… I’m eager to… Continue reading

roses are ravi

Raviiiiiiiiiiiiiii. My little bad boy poses for GQ Korea in all his cool, funky glory. He recently released a new album and the songs are pretty good. I love his off-beat humour and… Continue reading

black sun drops pulsing 1st teaser

It’s wham, bam, thank you sir for the first trailer of Black Sun, also known as The Veil. I’m a total sucker for these kinda thrillers and Namgoong Min certainly looks the part… Continue reading

review: bossam episode 15/16 [let no one go against her]

That’s the gaze of a queen; not a princess. Soo Kyung is the most substantively written female lead – brains, beauty, bravery and EQ – I have come across in years. I absolutely… Continue reading

if i was a fool… or you a thief

An awesome fan video of Soo Kyung and Ba Woo. The lovely, talented fan who created this strung such a great narrative of their romance in these few minutes. It’s the best fan… Continue reading

the dark side of spring

Unintentional double posts on Seo Hyun Jin. New stills of You Are My Spring of her with Yoon Park. The vibe between them is vastly different than that of her with Kim Dong… Continue reading

spring sass

Seo Hyun Jin is sweet and pretty for Marie Claire Korea. She hasn’t featured in magazines for quite a bit. She models delicate accessories for this spread and I’m sure we’ll see some… Continue reading

you are my dream till my last breath: chapter 8

Watching Bossam renewed my angst at how under-written Hee Jae’s character was: it was implied several times she did a lot for Hwi behind the scenes but we were never shown what exactly… Continue reading

face on, face off

Hell, yeah. Soo Kyung decides she can’t hide from Lee Yi Cheom any longer and takes the bull by its horns. Damn. I love our princess. She’s smart, brave and determined to protect… Continue reading

hong jong hyun back on social media

Hong Jong Hyun posted his first post-military greeting on Instagram, mostly recounting about, and being thankful of his military life and buddies. Jin seems to have doubled in size since the last time… Continue reading

pose or pause

Shin Min Ah poses for four different covers for Dazed Korea. They are all edgy, funky, and cool. Don’ have a favourite since she looks stunning in all of them.

memorable first meeting…

Heh. Seo Hyun Jin grabs Kim Dong Wook by his coat in their first meeting in You Are My Spring. Gotta say Kim Dong Wook has entertaining first-meets with his female leads.