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Vol 1 excerpts – Part I

Hey Faith fans! As mentioned in the Faith post, I can’t translate the whole volume as that would take me a century, but I’ll do my best to pick out the nice parts to post here. And here’s the first excerpt I’ve chosen, which wasn’t filmed in the drama. The below takes place sometime in Episode 2: Eun Soo tries to escape after stitching up the queen but Choi Young stops her. Gong Min appears and the conversation ends with Eun Soo throwing that hilarious tantrum on the floor. This is what happens next (from Choi Young’s point of view)…

I stand and watch her departing back. Dae Man shows her to her room and she obediently follows him. She turns back when she reaches the door of the room. Her face is pale. The lips which were as as bright as her hair had also lost its colour. I’m sorry I got her into this… and because of that, I’m feeling more and more uneasy about the whole thing. I must send her back as quickly as possible.

My left shoulder remembers the weight. When I had to escort the woman back here…that weight. And that scent. How can such a scent come from a human being? It is because she is a heavenly person? It smells similar to some kind of flower. But I can’t remember what flower it is. And because I can’t remember, I keep thinking about it. It’s a fragrance of a flower that I know…

Though I know this whole situation is a nightmare to her, it’s totally different to me. Even from the point we were crossing through heaven’s door. I didn’t know how to handle her…but on the contrary, she dug deeper into my embrace. My left arm remembers the feeling. Her hair…her lips…that scent….I’m increasingly becoming addicted to it… the time spent with that woman when we were crossing through heaven’s door is filling up my memory….I must send her back as soon as possible.

Vol 1 excerpts – Part II

I’m falling in love with Faith all over again as I’m reading the novel. There are so many lovely moments and precious nuances not filmed or captured in the drama, which is really a shame. I’m not just talking about the loveline, but the whole story in general.

The part(s) which I’ve picked today to translate takes place in Episode 2. Choi Young has just saved Eun Soo from her kidnapper by flicking a dagger straight into the heart of the latter. This is from Choi Young’s point-of-view.

The moment I saw the heavenly woman’s face, I got goosebumps again. Her pale face devoid of colour…her dishevelled appearance…her lips bleeding on one side. Her hands are probably injured too because they have been tied. Because I have no other outlet to channel my anger for the kidnapper I just killed, I take it out on her.

“Look at you! Didn’t I tell you to wait for me? What do you think you are doing running around like that? Just look at you now. Let me take a look…”

I wanted to check the injury on her neck, so I reach out to hold her chin. But she stares at my hand. So I let my hand fall. Even if I were to insist on touching her, she would just roughly brush my hand away again.

She stood straight, even though she probably had no strength left in her. She stares at me fiercely and her eyes are telling me, “Watch your manners. Back off.” So I say, “Please follow me. I’ve brought a horse with me.”

She stomps off but stops, not knowing where to go.

As I looked at her, I thought about what she had gone through so far. She had to enter and exit some unknown door, she was brought here by force and had to operate overnight, was dragged around by a bunch of men and had her life threatened. And that injury on her face…

When I thought of how she got injured, my heart wavered and fluttered. Again.

Even before one commits a sin against heaven, the heart realises it first. This worried, anxious feeling in my heart…I haven’t felt something like this in years. For such a long time…for a really long time, this heart of mine has never felt anything special for anything. Or anybody.
Sigh. Absolute loveliness.

Vol 1 excerpts – Part III

The novel really fills in all the gaps on how and what the OTP felt as they interacted with each other. Love it.

Still on Episode 2. Right after Choi Young informs Eun Soo that the queen has woken up from her coma and he is going to escort her back to heaven’s door.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

I don’t know whether I should trust him. I look at the sword strapped on his back. A sword that kills people. He can’t be trusted. I look at his eyes. And those eyes are quietly looking at me. I can trust him…right?

Choi Young easily picks her up though she struggles to be let down.

His eyes looked as if they were smiling…And I wonder whether it is okay to be carried in this pychopath’s embrace…his two solid arms were like pillars around me.

I struggle again and he pretends to drop me saying “If you fall, you’re going to break.”

I decided to listen to him and we got on a horse. I started to get uncomfortable as the horse began to move. He noticed and from behind, he asked, ” Are you uncomfortable?”
“Just endure a little longer.” came his reply.

From his voice, it sounded as if he was smiling, but it cannot be.

From Choi Young’s point-of-view:

I haven’t felt so good in a long time. Even though she has shed tears, the heavenly woman was strong until the end and I felt a bit more at ease at that. I am glad that I can finally send her back for good.

From the moment I carried her over my shoulder in heaven and brought her back, my heart has increasingly been wavering. Once I send her back, I will be able to go back to my original state. Also, once she goes through heaven’s door, she will forget all the hardship she had gone through here. Because she’s a strong woman…therefore, she will forget…right?

My thoughts returned to the woman in my arms. Compared to Goryeo women, she was taller. She filled my arms. I remember her flower-like scent. The wind blew her bright hair across my face. I will remember her scent and her hair only. It looks like I’ll think of her in unexpected moments as I carry on with my life. Heaven…the place where she belongs…will not be easily forgotten.

They reach heaven’s door and Choi Young asks Eun Soo to go through it. She is skeptical but he assures her she will be able to return to her world. He bows his head deeply at her.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

I turned back and looked pointedly at him. I took a couple of steps towards him, but then halted. I didn’t want to look as if I was frightened to go back. I turn to look at him again. His head was still bowed. Therefore, I couldn’t see his eyes. If I could see his eyes, I think I would know…I will know that I can believe everything that he said.
Aaah….the novel is just soooo good. I think Eun Soo was unconsciously attracted and reeled in by Choi Young’s eyes from the beginning. And I don’t blame her – LMH’s eyes said it all and more from the start to finish. They were just so expressive…totally killer.

Vol 1 excerpts – Part IV

This is the last of what I will be translating for Episode 2…then on to Episode 3! Choi Young has been told to catch Eun Soo and prevent her from leaving Goryeo. It is a royal order.

Choi Young’s point-of view:
Whatever was left holding my heart together snapped. I turned behind to take a look. She was still standing there and looking at me, but she suddenly started towards heaven’s door. A royal command? With my long legs, I caught up with her in a second and caught hold of her. I held her arms as she resisted and fought me with all her strength.

I was worried she might get injured, so I drove my sword into the ground beside me. I went behind her and wrapped my arms around her. A royal command? My brain wasn’t really aware of what I was doing now, but I held on to the heavenly woman. Before my heart could react to the command, my body reacted and moved first.

The door disappears and Eun Soo is fumbling around trying to locate it.

When I saw her going back and forth in front of heaven’s door, my heart felt like a wreck. When I heard it was a royal command, it was my broken-down heart that grabbed her. As if she was a lifeline. It was a mistake. A very, very big mistake. Be it the fact that I followed the royal command or broke my oath to the heavenly woman.

To tell the truth, it was not because I wanted to obey the royal command that I did what I did. My heart was in a staggering state, and as the owner of that heart, I don’t know why I caught the woman in front of me, but I did. My heart shouldn’t have wavered or stumbled, but out of reflex, I grabbed and held her back. Because of this one moment, the heavenly woman is stuck on this land.

“You bastard!”

I turned around and saw her looking at me with shock and despair. Her huge eyes were filled with tears. I held my breath and stared at her. Don’t forgive me. I beg you from the bottom of my heart. My eyes followed her as she went towards my sword. That’s right, I urged her. Remember, heavenly woman. I staked my life as a price in my oath to you. Remember that. She walked towards me, dragging the heavy sword with two hands.

“You promised you would send me back. Psycho. Murderer.”

I see. The heavenly word “psycho” means murderer. She’s right. And she has the absolute right to call me that and go ahead with what she intends to do.

She runs towards him with her head down, as if afraid to look at what she was going to do. I place myself right in her path and she pierces me with the sword. I grab her hands and drive the sword further into myself. The ‘qi’ in my body clashes with the sword. I’m sorry, heavenly woman.
Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

I caught and supported him as he collapsed. I couldn’t believe what just happened. He could have avoided me, but he didn’t. Why?

“We are even now, right?”

What was he saying? All I could think of was that I had stabbed a person. I had killed a person… My hands trembled, holding him as he lay on the ground. No, not yet. He’s not going to die. His breath. His pulse. I can feel everything. No, not yet.
After reading this portion, I realised LMH played out every emotion to sublime perfection in that scene. In his signature restrained manner, no less. And the fact that he instinctively held her back from leaving was actually beyond following royal orders? Awesome.

Vol 1 excerpts – Part V

Ironically, though translating excerpts from the Faith novel burns out a fair amount of my brain cells, it strangely has a rather calming effect on me. Even on a harried work trip. Maybe it’s because I love the drama so much and learning the background story to the various scenes just makes me love it more. And I’m happy to know there are still Faith fans out there who are equally interested in learning more of the story. Thank you for all your kind comments 🙂 

This segment takes place after Eun Soo pierces Choi Young. The Woodalchi (royal bodyguards of which Choi Young is the captain) are carrying him back to the inn to get treated. Choi Young has just told Eun Soo that she didn’t stab him – he allowed himself to get stabbed.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I could see the expression in his eyes: it was one that showed he was going to give up totally. When I saw that, I became more frightened.

“Hey you.”

I fixed him with an unwavering stare. I refused to back off. I bent toward his ear.

“I’m going to save you. And since I’m going to save you, don’t you dare think of leaving. Do you get me?”

He didn’t move or react. But at that moment, I saw his eyes flicker with indecision. He was still conscious. My heart strangely wavered when I saw his eyes. In a bid to control my wavering heart, I purposely shouted at those around me.

“Light up all the candles! Make this place as bright as possible!”

Choi Young’s point-of-view:
I opened my eyes for a second. That woman was not going to give up, was she? I was slowly losing consciousness, but I could still hear the voices of the woman and the royal doctor. My eyes closed again. I was going back to a deeper, darker place. The woman’s voice was drifting further and further away.

When Jo Il Shin said to abandon me with the sword pierced and leave, I almost smiled. I see. This is the way. To die with the sword that has been beside me every day for the past seven years isn’t a bad way to go. I felt better when I thought of that. But that woman stubbornly refused to give up.

Ah, so annoying.

Does she really think she can save me? Despite my strong protests, she is one who refuses to listen to what I have to say.

Her bright red hair…and that fragrance. Those were my last thoughts before I slipped into unconsciousness.

Vol 1 excerpts – Part VI

We’ve arrived at the part right after Eun Soo spent the whole night fixing up Choi Young’s stab wound.
He wakes up…

Choi Young’s point-of-view:
I saw the woman on the chair near the bed. She was sleeping soundly, despite the cold air of dawn. Her bright hair was sticking in messy strands around her face. She looked exhausted…did she spend the entire night sitting there…watching over me? I don’t feel relieved even though I have woken up.

I needed to go downstairs to take a look. The white cloth binding my abdomen impeded my movement. Looking at the way it is wrapped, it was probably done by the heavenly woman. I didn’t want to wake her up from her deep sleep, so I carefully got down from the bed…
We skip to a segment not filmed at all in the drama. Apparently, they travelled by sea at one point in time from the inn to the palace in Goryeo.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:
The weather continues to be good. I think we will reach Goryeo earlier than planned. I looked as the queen and the heavenly woman disembarked from the boat. Because of the nausea caused from being at sea, her complexion was pallid. When she turned to look in my direction, I dropped my gaze. I was enduring all I could not to do something about her. Even if she stabbed me one more time, I would have nothing to say to her. But from her actions, I think she has temporarily forgotten all her grudges against me.

During the journey by sea, with the rocking boat and nausea, she definitely couldn’t be feeling well. But she tried to come and find me many times. Clutching her bag she had brought from heaven to her chest, she told others to pass on the message to me that she had to check and treat my wound. They escorted her to me once, but for the rest of the time, I ordered that she was not to come anywhere near me.

After one night I refused to see her and sent her back, I saw her the next morning standing near the stern of the ship. Strong winds were blowing, the ship was rocking violently…wasn’t she worried standing there? I hid behind a pillar and watched her, just in case she was in danger of falling over. She was looking at the sea. The wind was blowing her hair and she was lit up by the bright morning sun. As I watch her standing there, I started to worry. Will she be able to survive on this land? What if she couldn’t endure living in another land for a long time? The more I thought about it, the more worried I became.

At the moment, her figure disappeared for a while, but I realised she was still there when the sun shone on her again in the next moment. I felt relieved all of a sudden. She had to continue to exist so that I can keep my promise to her. If she collapsed somewhere and vanished, I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise. And if that happened, that guilt would be weighing my heart like a stone for the rest of my life.

Jang Bin, the royal doctor came to look for me. He reported the heavenly woman was so worried about me that she was getting angry with me. But Jang Bin still refused to let her see me. He knew how I felt, so he didn’t search me out again.
Another lovely insight into Choi Young’s feelings…I will post Eun Soo’s point-of-view in my next instalment!

Vol 1 excerpts – Part VII

They are heading towards the palace. Eun Soo is in a horse carriage again.

I was still suffering from a headache due to the journey by sea. I had tried seeking him out on the boat a few times, but was rejected. Twice, thrice…I tried to find him, only to be stopped by those arrogant men of his.

That’s right. Why would a person who wanted to die want to do with the very person who stabbed him then saved him? Every time I look at him, I think he is a psychopath. But every time I look at him, I feel like killing myself for almost becoming a killer. Why am I this way? What am I going to do? How did I become like this? No matter how much I think about it, I can’t believe whatI did. I had stabbed someone with a sword with my own hands.

“Imja didn’t do this.”

Those were his words. That’s right. Though I was intending to stab him as I was running towards him, I didn’t have the confidence to pierce him deep. I didn’t know how deep I was going to stab him. I was simply acting without much thought. I didn’t know the sword would be so effective. I didn’t know the armour, which looks so thick, could be so easily pierced through by the sword.

Despite not knowing all that, I just picked up the sword and ran towards him. That man just accepted the sword and drove it deeper into himself. For a second then, my senses returned. Why did he do that? Did he really want to die? Whatever it is, I have to meet him. And when I meet him, we need to talk.

Above all else, I wanted to check on his post-op wound, which I am very worried about. The fact that no antibiotics were used and the danger of infection scared me. Therefore, I want to ask him how he is. Also, I want to ask him why he didn’t avoid my sword. Why must he do that in front of me. And…I want to ask him why he said those words…”Imja didn’t do this.”

I remember the strong hand that grabbed the collar of my shirt. At that moment, we were so close that our breaths were mingling…I remember all that. His nice, quiet voice is still vivid in my thoughts. Though his face was contorted with pain, he still talked with strength. Since then, those words have been echoing around me, covering and surrounding me.

Vol 1 excerpts – Part VIII

I finally ordered Volume 2! It should be nicely tucked away in the belly of some cargo plane right now, making its way towards me. And since I’m almost done with translating excerpts from Volume 1, I should be working on Volume 2 within the next couple of weeks.

Choi Young is thinking of his father and “talking” to him. They have returned to the palace and he is hiding somewhere trying to heal himself via his qi.

“Father, I can’t do this anymore. I have done everything that I can.”

He is referring to his duty to country.

I have repaid every single debt that I have owed…except that last one to the heavenly woman. Once I have repaid my debt to her, I can leave this world. Because of that, I have to keep on living. I take off my armour and start using my qi to work on the wound. I saw that it has gotten infected.

The heavenly woman with the bright hair…I have to send her back…I owe her that.

Don’t tell me she is somewhere crying? Her eyes, filled with tears, like a child…
We skip to the part where Choi Young is peeping at Eun Soo through the door. She is at the medical department.

I heard her voice and realised she was in one of the rooms. I could see her through the slits in the door.

“Yeobuseyo? Hello? Is there anyone here?”

She looked as she wanted someone to guide her somehow. I continued to hide behind the door and stare at her though the slits. I just acted instinctively – not really knowing why I was doing this. When no one replied her, she started talking in a louder voice.

” What is this? If you escort someone here, you have to at least show the person around. It would be good if I could wash up. Where’s the restroom? Why isn’t anyone giving me food? They were suppose to give me some!”

I started smiling without actually being aware I was doing so. What a relief. She wasn’t crying. Though she always seem to be complaining she was in some kind of pain, her voice was still loud and clear. She was still using heavenly words to swear. She was still as lively as ever. But I still flinched.

She raised her leg up. Ah. I could see she had hurt her knee. Without reservations, she suddenly pulled her pants up to her knee. In a flash, I could see her pale-skinned leg and I quickly lowered my head and turned away.

I could her voice through the door, “Ahhhh.. so painful.”

On hearing that, I replied in my heart, “That’s why you should be more careful.” But I didn’t say it aloud.

I didn’t really dare to say that face-to-face and there’s wasn’t a need to anyway. If I appear in front of her again, she might try to grab my wrist again. I don’t want to go near her anymore. With that thought, I raised my head to look at her again. She was sitting there alone, with a forlorn and pathetic expression on her face. But though her face was forlorn, those eyes of hers were still very bright. Those eyes of hers…it would be better if I don’t remember them…

She looked like she’s doing fine. I plan to send a couple of woodalchi over to guard her. She started grumbling about her pants and tried to repair it herself. Because of this annoying woman, while I am being weighed down by what I have to do, I’m confused and bewildered but I forgot about my pain from the wound for a short while. I even forgot about the tasks lined up that I have to do for the new king. I didn’t realise that I was unconsciously being affected by her.

Vol 1 excerpts – Part IX

I’ve added a section just for Faith novel translations. I’ll just add to that page once I have posted new excerpts. So if you guys wanna read all the excerpts in one go, just click on that page.

This part comes before Eun Soo barges into the Woodalchi base to check on Choi Young’s wound…

Eun Soo’s point of view:

The day was going to end, yet there was still no news from that Psycho. I had nothing to do, so I was prowling around the medical department. Why is he not coming? My high heels were ruined so I couldn’t wear them. Thus, my pants keep touching the ground. I looked for a pair of scissors and when I found one, I started to cut my pants. After I was done, it had become short pants.

Why is he not coming? I can’t go sulking to Jang Bin again. This can’t go on. I’ll have to find my way to him. Just waiting like that is not my style. I grabbed my bag and left the medical department.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:

I saw Choong Seok looked towards the entrance. One by one, the Woodalchi started to stare at the entrance. Dol Bae was about to whistle but stopped himself. I looked in the direction of the entrance. Standing at the entrance and entering into the hall was the heavenly doctor. But her pants…they were cut to the thigh and below that…

Askance, I rose from my sleeping position and sat up, unable to believe I was seeing. I think this was the first time I was encountering this kind of situation. In a place with many men, the base of Woodalchi, the heavenly woman walked in, her legs all bare. I know what was going on in the minds of my men as they stared at her…what kind of thoughts they had… At the thought of that, I started to feel dizzy. The heavenly woman ignored all the stares, her eyes searched around and her gaze finally landed directly on me.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

From the second I saw him, my heart felt as it had taken a deep drop. He was there. Though my heart felt it was squeezing in from all over, he was sitting there looking fine. No, he didn’t look fine. His expression was dark, but he looked as if he was dying. He didn’t know how worried I was. I was so worried he had collapsed somewhere alone, with no around, and without anyone knowing. I needed time to let my heart go back to normal and also because I feared that he would reject me again, I decided to talk in a light, casual tone.

“When I was a resident intern, there was one I learnt that I liked. That patients would come and find me by themselves. I didn’t have to go and find them.”

He didn’t move a muscle, and just sat up there and stared down at me. The thought of climbing up to get to him was painful. Coming all the way here to find him was already considered a reckless idea, I was thinking whether to back off.

“Please come down here for awhile.”

He didn’t say anything and just continued staring at me.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said to come down for awhile. And please take off your shirt.”

He didn’t react all, but I heard gasps behind me.

I wasn’t going to turn around. I just had to do my job as a doctor for a little longer, thought it felt a little dangerous. Therefore I had no choice – I reluctantly climbed up to where he was. He didn’t want to come to me? Fine, then I’ll go to him. No big deal.

When I reached his side, I tried to catch hold of his wrist, but he slapped my hand away. his touch felt very unkind. Without realising, I jerked up my head to look at him. I just had to do my job as a doctor, I had to be calm. The problem was my wounded patient. He didn’t look as if he was going to survive and live for long. I hugged my bag tightly, with my breath hitched, I asked him again.

“I’m not going to hold your hand. I just want to take your pulse. I won’t hold your hand, so don’t worry.”

I reached for his wrist again, but he avoided me and stood up…

Choi Young goes on to reprimand his men for letting her into their quarters and he starts to head towards the door, intending to leave…

Eun Soo’s point of view:

All the time he was scolding his men, not once did he turn around and look at me. From the moment we got onto the boat to get here, from the time we got off the boat until now, he never looked straight at me even once at all. When I talked to him, he ignored him. When I try to touch his hand, I get hit. I walked down the stairs, threw my bag in his direction and screamed at him.

“You crazy bastard! What did I do so wrong?”

He turned around.

“I was someone who was living and eat well. You caught and brought me here!”

Everything that was in my bag had fallen out. He simply started to pick up the things. He was looking at me with a shocked expression in his eyes. He looked almost child-like at the moment. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I told myself I couldn’t cry. But when I talked, I could hear the tears in my voice.

Eun Soo goes on to say how much she misses her world and how mistreated she has felt by him…

Choi Young’s point of view:

The heavenly woman started coming towards me again. I didn’t know what to do and just watched as she came towards to me. I started to go off again. But she kept coming towards me…

I couldn’t translate this scene in one post…way too much feelings and emotions flying around between the two of them. But I’ll finish up this scene in my next post then it will on to Volume 2!

Vol 1 excerpts – Part X
We continue from the previous part I posted. Eun Soo apologises for stabbing Choi Young and is pleading with him to let her treat his wound.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:

The heavenly woman was almost whimpering now in her plea to ask me to receive treatment. Something within me started to build up and rise. I threw her bag which I had picked up earlier back on to the floor and without realising it myself, I strode towards her and stood in front of her. I grabbed hold of her shoulders and started to push her backwards – I had no intention of halting in any way. It was only when her back hit the pillar that she stopped moving. She was now looking at me with shock in her eyes. I could see from her eyes she was just barely holding on to her composure.

I took my hands off her and straightened my body. I turned around to take a look. Choong Seok was staring at me, together with the other Woodalchi. Choong Seok was the first one to regain his senses and ordered the men to retreat and leave the room. I waited for the door to close. They have seen something they shouldn’t have seen. I wasn’t doing this for myself – I was doing it for her.

When I turned back again, she was still standing in the same position. She was looking at me, with tear-filled eyes. What in the world was it about this woman’s eyes that pierces me with magnetism? I stood still. Because were we standing so close together, she was frightened. And that made me feel more offended. When she tried to escape from the side, I slammed my arm against the pillar to prevent her doing so.

As we know, Choi Young argues that Eun Soo should have just left him to die at heaven’s door, to which she retaliates that no one would do such a ridiculous thing. She says he can die anytime due to blood poisoning and he orders her to shut her gap or he’ll do it himself.

Choi Young’s point of view:

At my words, she did shut up and just stared at me. I stared at those defenceless lips and that moment, I gave up. I couldn’t do this any longer. The close proximity between us…that fragrance of hers was swirling around me and filling me…I couldn’t take it anymore. I straightened up my body again and turned around. It took a few steps before I could start breathing easily again…

I order her not to go near places with men only again. A breeze blows and I am drawn back to the sight of her bare legs. Fed up, I stretch my arm out to block her way as she is leaving.

” I don’t know how people dress in heaven, but here on earth…”

She grabbed my wrist and when I tried to shake her loose, she refused to let go. She used her other hand to touch her forehead and I assume she was trying to estimate my temperature. Her face begin to show signs of worry.

” It feels like it is over 38 degrees…”

Because of this woman, I became flustered. She dug around in her bag and fished out something.

“I’m giving you my aspirin. You can use this for headaches, fever, etc…Eat two pills, three times a day. It won’t be much of a big help, but still…”

She stretched out her hand and I could it was a transparent bottle. Her head was bowed so I couldn’t see her expression. Therefore, I didn’t want to take the bottle. I wanted to see whether she was crying or have regained her composure. That was the only way I could feel assured. With her bowed and her voice trembling as she talked, I didn’t know what to do with her. Don’t tell me she was really worried for me? She mumbled something as she held out the bottle to me. I couldn’t hear what she was saying. And I couldn’t resist asking her.

“What did you say?”

She finally raised her head and looked at me. She looked like a reluctant, hesitant child.

“Don’t die.”


“I said don’t die. Even though I know you’re a psycho, what would happen to me if you die and leave me all alone? Therefore, please…”

That reluctant woman stared at me. I couldn’t move after hearing her words, so she took my hand and placed the bottle in it. Her cool hand brushed my warm hand like petals of a flower. But instead of her hand, the bottle was left resting in my palm.

When I finally regained my senses and composure, she was already at the door. She stepped outside and the door closed. I lowered my hand. My hand began to tremble – there was no strength left in it. I held on tightly to the bottle and collapsed, sitting on the floor. I gripped the floor tightly, while looking at the bottle. The transparent little bottle with the medicine inside.

The woman who gave me this bottle had said to me. As if she knew everything.


And that’s the end of Volume 1! Great ending, huh? I loved, loved this last scene to bits because it shed so much light on Choi Young’s conflicting emotions and confusion over Eun Soo. Unfortunately, there has been a problem with the shipment of my Volume 2, thus I can’t start translating that yet. But I would definitely start working on it once G-Market figures out how my Faith Novel Volume 2 morphed into a set of pyjamas. I kid you not. But the good people there say they’ll rectify the mystery order swap soon. So please be patient! Thanks so much!

Vol 1 excerpts – Part XI

Since I still haven’t gotten my Volume 2, I figured I would translate a few other parts from Volume 1 that I didn’t plan to initially as they were a little too piecemeal. But I figured I’ll just post them anyway. The following excerpts are taken from different scenes.

The first time Choi Young saw Eun Soo at the seminar. He’s trying to get a good look at her face, but she keeps turning back and forth from the projector.

Choi Young’s point of view:
A that moment, the woman in front of the moving picture came into full sight. Did that sweet voice belong to her? It was a very sing-song voice – it frequently went high and low. Her fingers looked flexible. All that was left to inspect were her eyes. Everyone in the room started to turn around to look at me. Finally , she saw me. And stared straight into my eyes. Those sparkling eyes looked at me in wonder. I held my breath, faced her and returned her stare.

Eun Soo has just finished complaining to her friend over the phone about how her seminar was ruined by a drama extra (she is referring to Choi Young) who barged in.

Eun Soo’s point of view:
I suddenly thought of the extra I saw earlier. I could recall those pair of eyes very clearly and accurately. Impossible. Instead of that ridiculous armour he was wearing, I realised his eyes left a much more lasting impression on me. My head started throbbing again. Those eyes were just so very deep. He wasn’t just looking at my face – those were eyes that had the ability to look deep inside a person and know everything with just one look. What was wrong with me? I probably wasn’t thinking straight because of my headache.

Now we arrive at the part when they are in front of heaven’s door in present-time Seoul. Eun Soo begs Choi Young to let her go and not to kill her. He says he won’t, but she claims she has already seen his face and in the movies, kidnappers kill victims who have seen their faces. She is crying in desperation now.

Choi Young’s point of view:
When I saw her crying, I felt bad. She was crying like a child. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, while fresh tears gathered in her eyes. I don’t know what came over me, but I said those words to her. I really did. I had absolutely no prior intention of declaring such words, but the words left my mouth first even before I could think about it.

“I’m Choi Young, a warrior of Goryeo. In my name as a warrior, I’ll risk my life to ensure I send you back here again. This is a vow.”

I went in front of the retreating woman again, who suddenly passed out, staggering and stumbling. In her present state, I encircled her waist and held her in a hug.

The next moment, we stepped through the door and were hurtling through the tunnel.

Eun Soo’s point of view:
This was the first time I was descending from a high place. I opened my eyes, but the surroundings were so bright that that I closed my eyes again. I must have fainted. I have never fainted in my entire life. Someone was holding my waist and hugging me close. So I really did faint. I was dying in fear so I dug myself deeper into the embrace of whoever was hugging me and held on tighter. The descent was taking too long.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 1
I swear Song Ji Na is pouring her heart and soul into the novel version of Faith to make up for the fact that she wasn’t able to film everything she intended to in the drama version.

The first volume was pretty straightforward and quite similar to the drama, but the second volume is chock-full of scenes and opinions not reflected in the drama. We have everyone from Jang Bin to Deok Man to Dae Man trying to figure out how Eun Soo and Choi Young feel about each other. I tell ya – there is major shipping of the OTP going on in the novel.

That’s why I’ve been mulling over what to start translating first. After much thought, I’ve decided to translate the scenes that physically feature both Eun Soo and Choi Young first. When I’m done with that, I’ll go back and translate parts that involve everyone else wondering what the heck Eun Soo and Choi Young are up to. Hope this format works for you guys. Warning: this second volume is tons more substantial than the first one, so you may go off-track mid-way. I’ll try my best to make it as lively as possible!

This scene wasn’t filmed in the drama at all. This takes place after Eun Soo is given a set of Goryeo clothes to change into. The part when she has a hilarious conversation with Jang Bin about wormholes and Einstein, and her lack of knowledge about Hwata.

Deok Man, who is sent to keep watch over her, goes off to report to Choi Young.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:

“She is well. Nothing unusual has happened so far and she’s now at the medicinal quarters.”

When I heard what Deok Man said, I stopped what I was doing and asked “Was she given her meals?”

“Deok Gi served the meals to her. She didn’t leave anything behind – she finished everything. She’s with Jang Bin now. But I overheard them talking and find something really strange.”

‘What is it?”

“She doesn’t seem to know much about Hwata. And she kept asking about everything. She doesn’t know much about the medicine , too. She was surprised to find out she was sampling a part of a toad.”

“The language they use in heaven is different from what we use here.”

“Ahhh…that’s why she doesn’t know anything.”

“Pass a message to Jang Bin that I’m here.”

“Are you not going to the medicinal quarters?”

“Ask Jang Bin to come here…quietly.”

“Quietly? That means…you don’t want the heavenly doctor to know?”

I just turned around and faced the other direction.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

I have been at the medicinal quarters since morning. In between, I made some disinfectant together with Jang Bin. A woodalchi guard appeared and whispered into Jang Bin’s ear. Jang Bin immediately picked up some herbs and headed towards the exit. I caught up with him and grabbed his arm.

“That person is here, right?”

Jang Bin just stared at me. His lack of reply meant that I was right.

“I’m going, too. I want to meet him.”

But when I tried to leave, Jang Bin stopped me.

“If he wants to meet you, he will come and find you personally.”

“That’s just his opinion. I have to meet him. There is a lot to talk about when I see him.”

“I will let him know you want to meet him.”

With that, Jang Bin left with the guard, leaving me by myself.

He’s here. The person they called Daejang, the tall person who has rarely words to say. The person who kidnapped and brought me here, the person I almost killed. The person who is possibly dying now. I hesitated for about 15 seconds before making the decision to follow Jang Bin. I was worried sick about him. Until now, he is the first patient of mine that I have fretted over so much before.

He was waiting at the entrance of the herb garden.

The moment I saw him, I instinctively leapt behind a tree and hid. It had been difficult following Jang Bin and the guard, as they were walking really fast. As I slowly regained my breath, I stayed hidden the tree and looked at him. I could only see his profile. His complexion didn’t look good. He looked like death.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:

I heard Jang Bin’s footfalls and turned around. And when I did, I saw someone wearing a white gown hiding behind a tree. Was there someone following him? Holding in the pain in my torso, I pricked my ears and concentrated. Someone was trying to catch his/her breath, someone who didn’t know how to conceal his/her breathing. It was that person. From her breathing, I could tell she had run all the way here. She can’t even walk properly…what is she up to again??

When Jang Bin was in front of me, he turned to Deok Man, “Go back to the medicinal quarters. The heavenly doctor can’t be left alone.”

Deok Man started to turn back, so I said, “Not now, go a little later.”

It was apparent she ran after and followed Jang Bin without him knowing. Why? To see me? I didn’t dare look in her direction, but all my thoughts were in that direction.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

I could only see one side of him from where I was. That person probably haven’t smiled once in his whole life, that person with the expressionless face. I started to get angry as I continued to look at him. I wanted to drag him to nearest bed and force him to lie down. I wanted to take his temperature, take a blood sample and give him a thorough checkup.

But why am I just standing here doing nothing? I hesitated. This scenario reminded of a similar scenario that I had buried deep in my heart. Long time ago, I stood hidden like this and looked at another man. I never felt the same way about anyone after that. I thought I had forgotten about it for good. But now, the same feeling is creeping over me. Yoo Eun Soo. Why are you like this.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:

Though I looked as if I was talking and waiting for Jang Bin to reply my questions, I was just randomly making conversation. That person is holding her breath now. Is she looking at me? If she is here to see me, why isn’t she appearing in front of me? Why is she just stopping there and standing there? Is she looking at me?

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

I liked a guy secretly for three years while in university. I thought it was love, so I poured all my heart and soul into him. I did everything I could. Even when he started to avoid me, I kept following him, like what I was doing now. I thought by following him, his heart would return to me. But it didn’t and one day I decided to stop. Is this what love is? From then on, I decided to live in realism.

I turned by body around. No matter what, why should my heart feel this way? What’s this? Stalker’s syndrome? I was kidnapped and dragged here by him. At that thought, I felt dirty. It was the same feeling I got when I was a club. I sat beside a man I didn’t know, smiled at him. When he touched my arm, I felt like throwing up. Not that I didn’t like him. I just couldn’t stand myself – the one who was sitting there.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:

I couldn’t bear it anymore so I turned in her direction. She was already leaving the building. Jang Bin and Deok Man followed by line of vision and finally realised she had followed them. I told Deok Man quietly, ” You can go now. When you do, guard her well. Don’t let her escape from where she is.”

GAH. I confess I didn’t translate every line of this scene, but I did translate most of Eun Soo’s and Choi Young’s thoughts and feelings. Now we know why Eun Soo had such a tough time accepting Choi Young’s feelings for her. And Choi Young? I seriously think there isn’t a single icky bone on this Song Ji Na hero. I just love him more with every scene I translate from the novel.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 2
Eun Soo just found that her kidnapper is the legendary general Choi Young and is freaking out. She is in the medicinal quarters trying to come to terms that Psycho is the great warrior Choi Young, when the man himself appears…

Eun Soo’s point of view:

When he suddenly popped up in front of me, I almost screamed in fright. The tall man who almost made me collapse in shock leaned down towards me, obviously with no intention of letting me object.

“We are going to leave now.”

I guess he didn’t need to hear my answer, because he started to walk forward immediately.

I didn’t intend on moving at all. I just stood where I was and stared at him. He finally turned back, put his big hand on my back and started pushing me along with him.

“Excuse me! Wait a minute!”

I evaded his hand and was intending to halt where I was, but his big hand just came up again and continued to push me forward. As I being shoved forward, I couldn’t bear it anymore and asked him.

“Your name is Choi Young, right?”

“That’s right.”

His tone was wooden.

“There’s no other Choi Young around here, is there? No one the with same name of a higher position ?”

” That’s right.”

That means this person is the General Choi Young recorded in history books. At this moment, that Choi Young was talking to me.

“I can’t move around right now. I’ll get a few guys I trust to stick close to you.”

“Stick close to me?”

“Please go ahead first. If possible, I’ll join you one day from now.”

“I have to leave now?”

“It’s dangerous here now. Something came up.”

“Something will happen to me? Who’s the culprit? Why?”

Choi Young’s point of view:

I let out an irritated sigh. In my whole life, I have never met a person who questioned and talked back at every word I said.

” You just have to follow my instructions.”

Eun Soo’s point of view:

This person called Choi Young should at least my questions, shouldn’t he? I swivelled around quickly to face him and he almost barged straight into me. At that, he stopped in his tracks and looked at me in embarrassment.

“Why am I in a dangerous situation? Who should I be afraid of? You have to tell me and I’ll be careful.”

Choi Young’s point of view:

The heavenly doctor stood there in front of me with her hands on her waist. What am I going to do with this person? Her mouth just won’t quit. Do I need to gag her, wrap her up in a sack and carry her out? Just as I was thinking whether to do that, I caught my breath. There was someone else here. The person’s position was somewhere towards the west of us. No. Was the person on the roof?

In the next moment, I wrapped my arms around her, dropped down on the flower bed and rolled across it. A fireball landed on the spot where we just were. We lay low on the floor and were plastered together without the smallest gap between us. It hit me she could have been hit by the flying broken pieces. I quickly ran my eyes over her. She was frightened and lifted her gaze to meet mine. She was not injured.

Well, Choi Young discovers the perpetrator is a woman and they continually get barraged by fireballs. Choi Young decides this cannot go on or they’ll soon get hurt.

Choi Young’s point of view:

“Stay here for awhile.”

I released the woman in my embrace. She grabbed my shirt.

“Where are you going?”

Her tone wasn’t afraid and she wasn’t asking to be rescued. In fact, she looked worried for me.

“I’ll come back later.”

Eun Soo’s point of view:

At that, I let go of his shirt. This man had no fear. He was made for fighting.

We skip to the part where Choi Young is talking to Gong Min (GM) and Eun Soo eavesdrops. Choi Young actually blocked off an area as part of security as the king was with him. But Eun Soo somehow manages to slip pass the guards. She peeks through the gap of the window and sees Choi Young inside the room.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

He was inside the room – I could see the side of him. It was him. The person who pulled me into his embrace in the midst of raining fireballs. Even though I was out of my mind at that time, I was aware of what was going on. The man who hugged me close without leaving even a small gap between us. It wasn’t only about the fireballs. Even if the whole place exploded, he wanted to ensure the woman in his arms would not be harmed at all.

He was standing tall over there. Ever since he left to chase that strange woman, I had been worried sick. He said he would come back, but he didn’t and I was worried. Even though Jang Bin assured me he was fine, I was still worried. I stood there in the dark looking at him. How long he stood there I didn’t know; how long I stood in my position looking at him I didn’t know either. He just stood there, and I just kept on watching him stand there from where I was.

Dae Man’s point of view:

The heavenly woman, who is now known as the heavenly doctor. She is standing too close to the room. We were given orders that no one was allowed to get close. Should I stop her and escort her away? I kept myself hidden from her view while I mulled over what to do. She looked as if she was trying to listen to what was been said inside the room.

I was going to approach her when she smiled. As the heavenly doctor peeked through the window into the room, her smile gradually became wider. My animalistic instincts kicked in and I realised immediately why she was smiling. The heavenly doctor was looking at Daejang. Because he was safe and sound, she was relieved. The heavenly doctor was on Daejang’s side.

What can I say? It just gets better every second, doesn’t it?

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 3

Choi Young has just finished relating the story about how/why his teacher died. The king leaves in embarrassment and Choi Young, who has been holding in his pain all this while, finally collapses onto the ground.

Eun Soo, who has been watching him, rushes to him immediately. With help from Jang Bin and a couple of Woodalchi, she checks Choi Young’s wound and is horrified to see how infected it has become.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

How did he manage to keep standing in this condition? With this physical condition, he embraced and protected me, and fought?

“I need to operate on him again.”

My voice didn’t waver one bit. Even during the brief seconds when Jang Bin and Dae Man were lifting Choi Young up to prepare to carry him, I didn’t let go of him at all. Even though he was unconscious and unaware of anything, I made sure I hugged him tight and stayed beside him. Not for one moment did I let go of his hand.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:

It’s so warm. I felt warm all over. I’m at the icy lake again. I thought something felt very strange. There was nothing of the place that was warm yet…

In my opinion, the warmth that he is feeling is from Eun Soo holding onto him.

Eun Soo has just finished operating on him.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

This man was still alive for now. I did not move one step away from him the whole night. I kept my eyes open, waiting to look into his dark, deep eyes.

I started nagging at him.

“At this point, you should regain consciousness, shouldn’t you? If you did, you would be looking at me with that awkward expression of yours, won’t you? You’ll get angry with me. You’ll ignore me. You’ll pretend not to know anything. Fine. I won’t say anything anymore. You don’t look as if you can take a woman nagging, so I’ll let you off this time. I won’t rush you to come back until you decide you want to come back. Until then, I ‘m going to wait for you. Therefore… please open your eyes.”

We skip to the part I think many of you are waiting for. Eun Soo is watching over Choi Young and admits to him she overheard his conversation with the king…

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

I looked at him – his eyes were closed, surrounded by his long eyelashes.

Please open your eyes. I’m begging you. I miss those dark, deep eyes. Those eyes that never once wavered and always steadily held my gaze.

I realised there was a small scar on his forehead. One would have missed it from far away. I touched the scar with my hand and traced it. And my heart dropped. He felt too cold.

Hey you. Don’t be like this. I said to him to my heart. Don’t leave me here alone. You kidnapping me… you preventing my return to my world…I can forget all about that. But if you leave me here alone, I won’t forgive you. Can you hear me?

His head rolled to one side. And I knew. His heart had stopped beating.

Eun Soo starts to perform CPR and mouth-mouth resuscitation on him. When Jang Bin tries to stop her after it looks as if Choi Young is beyond rescue, Eun Soo grabs hold of Choi Young’s and says he promised he will protect her. One of her tears drops on his cheek…

Choi Young’s point-of-view:

That teardrop fell towards the lake. But halfway, it was suspended in space. I was worried and wanted to quickly go to the other side, but suddenly I heard a voice.

“You said you would protect me.”

That voice was like an echo – repeating itself again and again around me. The air start spinning into a wind. The wind got frenzier, but then it stopped. And the teardrop fell into the lake. I could hear that clear voice. The ice started to crack.

You said to protect you?

I started to remember and lifted my head.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:

I knew before anyone else that he had returned. Choi Young’s chest lifted. My hands stopped moving and I turned to look at his face. Jang Bin quickly checked his pulse. He turned to look at me.

“His breath has returned.”

I carefully checked his vital signs. His face was slowly regaining colour.

At that moment, I unconsciously bent towards him. And touched Choi Young’s lips. These lips had been touched by my lips. Though they felt weak, there was no doubt that as he was breathing, he could feel my breath that I had breathed into him. My breath was drifting along the tip of his tongue. Thank you. Thank you so much. I lifted my head, suddenly not knowing what I had done in the past few minutes.

Jang Bin’s point-of-view:

I saw the heavenly doctor touch Choi Young’s lips. Even though she had risen up, her eyes never left Choi Young’s face. A touched smile flashed across her pale face.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 4

This excerpt starts from the point Choi Young wakes up from his coma. And yes, it includes the squeal-worthy scene of Choi Young in which he wipes off his blood before entering the room Eun Soo was being locked in. Trust me, when you find out what he was thinking then, it’s worth all the squeals. And if you watch that scene again with this translation in mind, you’ll be dying at the end of it all. Like me.

Please note that the entire excerpt is written from Choi Young’s point of view.

I couldn’t open my eyes. Even though my eyes were shut, the sunlight still managed to filter into them. The whole room was filled with sunlight. That made me feel dizzy, too.

I remember someone calling me. Therefore, I turned around to have a look. And thus, I returned to this world.

I carefully tried to open my eyes again. The bright rays of sunlight were making my eyes tear. Dae Man gradually came into view.

“Where’s that person?”

Dae Man couldn’t answer me. When I saw his uncertainty, I quickly tried to regain my senses. My body felt heavy, but I forced myself up into a sitting position and asked him in a clearer voice.

“What happened.”

We skip to the part where Choi Young has arrived at Ki Chul’s house. He is standing outside contemplating on the implications of what he is going to do. Saving Eun Soo is almost akin to disobeying the king’s order.

Because he is the king. The woman I escorted here from heaven because of the king’s order, is now in the danger of losing her life because of yet another of his orders. But I don’t resent the king at all. This woman was the one who called me back when I was in the other world. Because of her call to me, I have returned to this world. Therefore, the reason why I am here has nothing to do with the king – it is something personal between me and that woman.

We move on to the part where Choi Young is fighting the dozens of soldiers in Ki Chul’s house. He hears Dae Man’s whistle in the midst of the chaos and whistles back in return, willing the younger man to heed his command.

Dae Man ah. Please heed my command. I’ll hold off everyone here, so please go and find that person. Please hurry and find that person quickly for me. My heart is feeling over-hasty and anxious now…

Silver-haired dude uses his screechy flute special powers and Choi Young starts to bleed from his ears and mouth. But he manages to fend off the flute with his own lightning powers. Dae Man leads him towards the room where Eun Soo is held. Choi Young arrives at the door of the room (SQUEAL!)…

I stopped in front of the door. I steadied my uneven breathing. My sword was actually lifted, but I lowered it again.

My heart was overflowing with apology. I said I would protect her, yet I couldn’t. While she was standing alone in front of all those dirty lowlifes, while she was being dragged here against her will, while she was spending a terrified night at this place, I was unconscious and unaware of anything. I was so embarrassed and sorry that I couldn’t breathe. The ventilation of the room was bad – thus the air felt very cold. She coming from such a brilliantly lit world, to be captured and forced to spend a night in such a place… it’s all my fault.

If I open the door and enter the room like this, she would be so shocked and frightened when she sees me. At that thought, I started to wipe the blood streaming from my ears and mouth with the sleeve of my shirt. I had no idea how many times I wiped at those spots to make sure there wasn’t any blood left.

I couldn’t face her, thus I hesitated. In true fact, I hesitated because I was scared. Did those lowlife bastards do anything to her? At that thought, fear started to rise in me. Please be unhurt. Please run energetically towards me and get angry with me. Please…

I raised my sword and smashed the lock. With my two hands, I yanked open the door.

There were no windows, and the room was small and dark. Light slowly filtered into the room and I saw the sleeping quarters. Beside the bed, I saw that person. She was standing there. She was unhurt.

She closed her eyes against the sudden invasion of bright light but when they opened, she saw me. I took two steps towards her and stopped, unable to go any further. I just stood there. I didn’t know what to say, so I just said to her…

“I’m late.”

At that, that person broke into a brilliant smile. Her eyes were filled with tears and she took a step towards me.

“You’re alive.”

That was what she said to me. There was no resentment. There were no complaints. There was no anger. She just looked at me and said that. You’re alive. And one of her hands reached out to touch my cheek.

It was something I never predicted she would do. I didn’t move a muscle when she touched me. I didn’t dare to avoid her hand. Her warm hand lingered on my cheek for a moment before retreating. She smiled again.

“Your fever has subsided. You’re alive. I saved you. But…”

She came closer towards me. Even though she moved closer, I didn’t move away. Because she was so close, I could look right down into her eyes as she looked up at me. I remember you…her scent seem to say as it filled me. She held her breath and whispered to me.

“I’m being imprisoned now.”

I fought the urge to smile.

“I know.”

” I was dragged her last night. And I have been imprisoned in this room until now…”

She suddenly stopped talking and looked behind me.

I knew there was something going on behind me from awhile ago. But because I wanted to confirm further that she was unhurt, because I wanted to stare longer into her lively eyes, I delayed a little longer. With her eyes filled with worry, she grabbed my sleeve and tugged it twice.

Yes. I know

I turned around slowly. I blocked her using my body.

Dying. Really. I think this must be my most favourite excerpt so far. If you thought it wasn’t possible to fall more in love with Choi Young, you will after reading this. Giant hug to Song Ji Na for penning his feelings and thoughts in such a lovely, relatable way. If you watch the scene again, you’ll realise it is possible to match Choi Young’s thoughts to LMH’s portrayal of the character. LMH was Choi Young.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 5

We continue from the last excerpt. Choi Young is having a showdown with Ki Chul, who walks up to him with his lackeys in tow. Eun Soo is standing a slight distance behind Choi Young.

Choi Young’s point of view:

I didn’t lower my head. I stared straight into the eyes of Ki Chul and those behind him. If I want to protect the person behind me, I shouldn’t fight them.

The two men trade barbs and we come to the part where Choi Young muses he is thinking of running away with Eun Soo. Ki Chul snorts in amused disbelief and wonders whether the Woodalchi army is hiding around waiting to attack. Choi Young informs him that he is here on a personal mission…

Though one couldn’t tell, I was nervous. Whatever I was going to say now could be seen as committing treason against the king, or could destroy my chance of saving the person behind me.

“Don’t you know what I mean? I am here because…”

I couldn’t think of a better solution, thus I decided to take the plunge.

“It is because I’m in love with the person behind me, that’s why I’m here.”

For a moment, the whole room was thrown into confusion. Ki Chul was staring at me in disbelief, Dae Man’s mouth hung open, Hwasuin was staring hard at me with a smile on her face. But the person who was most shocked was the person behind me.

As Faith fans would know, Ki Chul is impressed by Choi Young and invites him to stay for a drink. The following part wasn’t filmed in the drama. Eun Soo and Choi Young are on their way to have that drink…

Eun Soo’s point of view:

Everything is fine now. Because I’m next to him, everything will be okay.

I stuck close to his side as we walked across a big garden. But the garden was not easy to traverse, so I started to lag behind him. But Choi Young slowed down, walking to match my pace. Though the person guiding us kept turning around to shoot us irritated glares, Choi Young wasn’t worried. The kid called Dae Man was stuck close to my other side.

I was attacked by yet another wave of dizziness. The whole place was filled with the smell of blood, with blood stains everywhere. It smelled like I was in the middle of an operation. I haven’t come across this smell of blood for a long time; this person walking beside me, who came all the way here for me, could be bleeding too.

I stared at him. There were stains of blood on his sleeves and the nape of his neck, but he didn’t look as if he was injured anywhere. A breeze blew and the smell of blood wafted across. This time it wasn’t from the ground, but from the person walking beside me.

What in the world has he done?

Though I wanted to grab him by the collar and shake him, I resisted the urge. He was someone who was going to die yesterday. No, he in fact did die. How did a person in that condition cause this bloodbath?

We reached the bridge that crossed over the lake. Choi Young halted in front of the steps and watched me as I walked towards it. After making sure I climbed up the three steps without a hitch, he resumed walking again.

That’s right, it’s okay. I’m safe. No what matter what the person beside me does, he will protect me. Because of me, he will have no qualms shedding his own blood or leaving others stained with blood. He’ll go ahead and do just that. Damn.

They reach the hall.

Choi Young’s point of view:

I made sure she was seated first. As we were walking to this place, her footsteps had increasingly become unstable, and I was worried. I saw her staring at all the blood on the ground. I saw her face slowly lose colour, but at the same time her expression had hardened. I saw her trying her best not to be frightened by all of this.

The brief time I was in the heavenly world. Nobody walked around carrying weapons. The only weapon I saw was the short stick of the guard who chased after me. Probably in that world, nobody fought each other with swords, with blood spilling everywhere. That person lived in that kind of world.

Ki Chul was smiling at us and stood up. Was it possible to sit here and not end up fighting? I didn’t want the person beside me to see any more blood being spilled in front of her.

It’s sweet that both of them mutually worry for each other, Eun Soo to a lesser extent as she is predictably affected by all the blood surrounding her. Not that we can blame her. But the depth of care Choi Young has for Eun Soo at this point is almost heart-breaking. Not really 100 percent because of the potential romantic element, but his unwavering sense of responsibility and honour, and his unquestionable integrity, is so gosh darned solid that I find it moving.

Song Ji Na mentioned in a previous interview that the hardest and most annoying aspect of writing Choi Young’s character as the drama went along was the fact she had to maintain his unflappable honour and integrity at all times, in all circumstances. But I’m so glad she did. Because Choi Young remains the noblest male drama lead I have ever come across. And that’s one of the reasons why I adore this drama so much.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 6

This excerpt kicks off after Choi Young, Eun Soo and Dae Man take their leave from Ki Chul’s place. Choi Young is worried about the former king and is anxious to go find him to let Eun Soo treat him, but at the same time he doesn’t know what to do with Eun Soo. This segment wasn’t filmed and it replaces the part in the drama where Eun Soo refuses to get on the horse and Choi Young walks off in a huff.

Choi Young’s point of view:

But what am I going to do with this person? Her shoes were ruined and she didn’t look as if she was thinking of making a move any time soon. I went to stand in front of her.

” We can’t waste any more time.”

“Excuse me.”


“Must we really go there? There isn’t anyone watching us, so let’s just forget it.”

” We will be going there.”

“It is not as if we stamped our seal on a contract or something. You ask me to go there and treat the patient, but I don’t even know what is wrong with him. I don’t have my tools for examination with me, neither am I carrying any kind of medicine. That person said if I can’t successfully treat the patient, my head will be cut off. I don’t want to go.”

I felt like sighing again. She refuted every single word of mine and beat it with a thousand words of her own. All I could do was stand in front of her wordlessly, looking awkwardly at her. There was nothing else I could do: I held out my hand to her.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

The message of his outstretched hand was clear: he was ordering me to get up and go. This man.

Choi Young grabbed my hand. And because he was embarrassed, he pulled me up by my wrist.


At my cry of pain, the sleeve of my top was pushed up immediately. There was a dark bruise on my arm.

” This is…”

“Oh, this is…”

I quickly shook my sleeve free from his hold and pulled it down again.

“I got this yesterday while I was being brought away. They kept pulling me along while I walked.”

“Is there more? Any you injured anywhere else?”

When I heard his question, I looked up at him. His face was filled with dread. For a second I had forgotten that this person was someone who was willing to risk his life to keep a vow. He had promised to protect me. With me bearing such a bruise…I purposely put on a pouty expression.

“There is more.”


” This side.”

After saying that, I pulled up the sleeve on the other side and revealed another bruise, which was bigger than the previous one.

” And here. “

At that, I pointed to my head. Choi Young’s eyes grew bigger.

“My pride is really hurt. I have never gone through such things in my entire life. Whatever this place is…I’m not some criminal…to be dragged around like a dog.”

Choi Young started to look awkward again. I pointed to my own heart.

“Here, too. Even though he says he loves me, this man keeps dragging me around to all sorts of places. My legs hurt, too. My shoes are ruined and my feet feel like they are on fire. And look at this path. Is that dung? It looks so big, so I’m guessing it’s horse dung. If you want to escort me, shouldn’t you piggyback me? Or carry me in your arms? My heart is completely hurting… this is how I feel. Now.”

Choi Young stared at me for a second, turned around and started to walk away. What, he’s really just going to walk away like that? Dae Man dragged the two horses and trailed after him, staring at the both of us. I had no choice but to chase after them. I finally caught up with Choi Young.

“Excuse me.”

He didn’t turn around. How should I address him? General Choi Young? But he hasn’t become a general yet.

“Choi Young Ssi.”

Now that I was right beside him and plastered to his side, I could see that his face had hardened. This man. Because his legs were so long, he was far ahead of me again in no time. I didn’t know how I knew, but I just did. He was angry because of the bruises on my arms. He said he would protect me, but since he couldn’t, his pride had seriously taken a beating.

As I ran after him, I searched for a topic for conversation. What I really wanted to ask him was whether his wound was okay… whether he was still having a fever…whether he felt fine walking like this…Even though I wanted to know all these, I didn’t ask him. If I did, it would hurt his pride even more.

There is more to this scene, but it’s too long to translate at one go. Thus, I’ll post the rest of the scene tomorrow in a separate excerpt. This part really reveals more of Eun Soo’s thoughts and it is pretty clear that she could read Choi Young pretty well from early on. And it’s so sweet and touching how she tries not to further hurt his damaged pride. Love her.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 7

I decided to post two excerpts this week since I have a little more time on my hands than usual. And also because the two excerpts kinda belong to the same scene.

We continue from the previous excerpt. Eun Soo is all prepped and determined to tease the life out of the droll Choi Young.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

“When did it start?”

There was no reply. What? I had to ask him this at least. This person.

“I’m talking about you saying you that you liked me…the phrase you used… it means you like me a lot, right? Don’t tell me… you mean ‘sarang’? Do you use ‘sarang’ here? Or it hasn’t started being used yet?”

As usual, there was no reply. This future general sure doesn’t like to chit-chat.

“When did you start loving me? I absolutely had no idea!”

He should at least answer me now… but no.

” You always ignore me. But to save me, you ran all the way to that house. Furthermore, your body isn’t really in a good condition. That house looked like some mafia boss’ house…with all those guards. “

She continues to tease him, until he can’t take it any more. He lashes out comically at Dae Man, wondering why of all people in heaven, he chose to bring her back. Choi Young sends Dae Man back to the palace to collect Eun Soo’s medical equipment.

Choi Young’s point of view:

After seeing Dae Man leave, I turned back. That person was waving her fingers at me. Hurry up, she was saying. I sighed again, then swallowed hard. She was the most unpredictable person. But somehow, I just couldn’t get angry with her or bring myself to force or compel her to do anything. All I could do was sigh.

But my heart felt settled. Even thought she was bruised from being dragged away in the middle of the night, she didn’t seem too badly affected by it. She was as smiley and noisy as before.

As I pulled the horses along, I started to re-organise my thoughts. There were many things I needed to figure out. I was weighing the potential tricks Ki Chul could be up to. What does he want? He could have killed the heavenly doctor and me, but why didn’t he?

I recalled how Ki Chul was looking at the heavenly doctor and immediately I felt uncomfortable. I suddenly wanted to escort her to heaven’s door that very instant. But I couldn’t without the king’s permission. Furthermore, I was worried about Kyeong Chang Gun.

This is the order of what I am going to do. First, I will escort the heavenly doctor to Kyeong Chang Gun. While she is treating him, I will find someone to escort the heavenly doctor to heaven’s door. Ganghwa-do is a busy place. Maybe I could find someone who used to work with the Jeok Wol Dae or someone that can be trusted. After making sure the heavenly doctor is safely escorted, I will return to the palace alone. I will accept any punishment mete out by the king.

I slowed my pace and turned back to check on the heavenly doctor. She was right behind the horses. Because she was a little freaked out by them, she started to walk faster. Afraid that she would be left behind, she started to walk even faster until she was almost stuck to my back. She was grumbling to herself as she followed me.

I almost smiled without knowing but managed to control myself in time.

Even if we were to head to heaven’s door, we don’t know when it will open again. In any case, this person will be remaining on this land for a little longer than expected.

Should I start teaching her a little on how to go about surviving on this land? Point out to her what she should be wary of, how to escape if the situation calls for it…I will let her know how to go about all these things. Should I start by teaching her how to ride a horse?

Haha. I find it so amusing and cute that Choi Young’s only way to handle Eun Soo is to sigh – she really, really exasperates him. And this exasperation follows him doggedly, even when he starts to fall madly in love with her later. Adore this OTP.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 8
The excerpt takes place at the shack where Eun Soo is stuffing her face with mandu.

Choi Young’s point of view:

The preparation with regards to her learning how to ride was no walk in the park. I usually don’t have to utter more than five or six words a day. But in my attempt to convince her, I have exhausted one month worth of words.

“Even if we don’t go by horse, it is not a journey that can be undertaken by walking. You aren’t any good at walking anyway.”

“That’s why I don’t plan on travelling all the way there.”

“I’m afraid that isn’t an option.”

“If I do go there, it will cause more problems for me.”

“Why don’t we try getting on the horse first?”

“That’s the part I like the least – getting on the horse.”

I didn’t know what else I could say to persuade her so I just looked at her, conceding defeat.

“I’m just hungry, that’s all. Don’t I need a lot of energy to ride a horse? When I’m hungry, my nature will turn violent and I’ll get dizzy. In this state, I can’t climb up to a higher place. Therefore, please give me something to eat.”

I finally found a small mandu stall and I bought her some mandu. She ate as much as what it took to feed the entire Woodalchi army. Holding mandu in both her hands, she just ate and ate.

The sun was starting to set. Crossing the river before that was going to be difficult – actually impossible given the current situation. Dae Man had not returned. Something must have happened.

“Excuse me.”

I turned around when she called me. I didn’t realise frustration was written all over my face. Across the table, I saw her looking at me worriedly. I deliberately relaxed my facial features and sat down across her.

“Please go on.”

“Let’s go our separate ways.”

When the significance of her words dawned me, I had trouble even drawing a breath. All I do could was stare at her and ask.

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t intend on sending me back to the king at this moment, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Without the king’s permission, you can’t escort me to heaven’s door, right?”

“That would be difficult.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Please just release me. Consider what we have gone through together so far, please just release me. I’ll make my way there by myself. You’ll just have to teach me how to get there.”

I felt as if one part of my heart had just dropped to the pits. She just kept on talking.

“Can’t you just tell the king I ran away? Also, you need to lend me some money. Though I can’t pay you back, it’s the least you can do. “


“You said you love me.”

“It is not a journey you can make by yourself. Also, it’s dangerous.”

“Isn’t there someone you can trust to be my escort? A friend or a fellow guard. I just need someone to stick close to me and I’ll be fine.”

“No. There isn’t someone I trust enough to escort you.”

Though I have no idea why I gave her that answer, that was how I replied.

“If you are done eating, let’s go. We have a long journey ahead of us.”

I started to stand as I was talking to her. I walked off and stood aside.

My heart felt as if it was still dropping – and plus now, it was throbbing. According to Jang Bin, my body hasn’t fully recovered yet. It must be my weak body pulling my heart down and making it fragile – it seems to be feeling a lot more and is quickly getting more intolerant to getting wounded. “Let’s go our separate ways. I can make the journey alone.” She says those words so easily.

I did my best to control my feelings and raised my head. If my heart doesn’t regain its previous state of nonchalance soon, I will definitely start losing my ability to wield my sword.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

We had to go our separate ways as soon as possible. When he came to find me this morning, with the smell of blood permeating from him, I made up my mind not to return to the palace. Even without the threat of being beheaded, even without been badgered by things surrounding me, my personal antenna keeps pointing towards him.

I want to know what he is thinking at the very moment, I want to know what he thinks of me as he looks at me. I want to know everything that matters to him. Because I want to look at him, because I want to hear his voice, I keep talking to him. His honest responses, his awkward gazes, everything about him makes my heart flutter. Whenever he stares straight into my eyes, I cease to breathe.

I must be crazy. A person from another world. A man who kidnaps and kills as easily as drawing a breath. More than anything, he is someone who is mentioned in textbooks. He is not a man from some one-night stand. That’s what I’m trying to say. If I enter into a romantic relationship with this man in this world, will I also be mentioned in textbooks?

Exactly. I am crazy. No matter what, before it is too late, even if for just for one day less, I think it is best this man and I quickly go our separate ways.

We finally gain a more comprehensive insight to Eun Soo’s feelings. The drama focused more on Choi Young for most of the episodes, with Eun Soo’s feelings only getting picked up more in the last few episodes. We also now know her secret motivation for talking poor Choi Young to death.

if you recall one of the earlier excerpts, Choi Young did plan to entrust Eun Soo with a trusted individual to escort her to heaven’s door. But when the time came, he couldn’t let her go. The head knows it’s the most practical and logical solution; the heart refuses to release someone who is becoming precious.

It’s a funny, lovely excerpt. It showcases how different they both are, but at the same time, it reveals how much importance they place on the other person, and how deeply affected they are mutually. From so early on. I love that they are somewhat on the same page, but just written differently.

Song Ji Na…Daebak.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 9

It’s the woeful horse-riding lesson day – which happens to be one of my fave scenes in the drama ’cause it’s just so funny.

Choi Young’s point of view:

I couldn’t stop worrying. Dae Man had not returned – he was one person who followed my orders, no matter the circumstances. Even though I really wanted to turn back and find out what happened, I tampered down the urge. The person I had to first protect was right here with me.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

The boat that we were going to take was in sight. I stared at the boat – I recalled how seasick I had gotten the last time I took a boat.

“This boat won’t shake as much.”

When I heard his softly apologetic heartfelt words , I turned to stare at him instead.

” I have to ride a horse…so this boat is nothing. No problem. The boat is the one that will be moving, not me.”

Choi Young’s point of view:

Even though she was staring at me, I felt my worry dissipate at her words. I thought about the squabble we had over teaching her how to ride and I almost smiled. This person’s words seem to burn me all the time. It wasn’t going to be easy teaching her to ride. I would rather fight all the soldiers at Ki Chul’s house…I think that would be easier.

She previously said the horse was too tall, thus she couldn’t get on. This time she said the horse kept moving, thus she couldn’t get on. When she finally got onto the horse, she sat with half her body bent down and refused to raise her head.

“Straighten your back.”

“I can’t.”

“Sit up, don’t lean downwards.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Are you going to ride all the way like this?”

She started talking to the horse.

” Horsie… please don’t move. I am going to sit up. If you move, I’m going to fall off. So please don’t move. Horsie…stay still…”

The horse was a living thing – of course there wasn’t a possibility of it not moving at all. Quite a period of time passed before she finally managed to straight her back and sit up.

To comfort her, I told her simply.

“Trust me. If you fall, I’ll catch you.”

“Is that possible?”

“I won’t let you get injured.”

“I got it.”

She replied me.

“Now what do I have to do?”

I started to teach her how to ride. When the time came for her to let her horse gallop, she suddenly rushed forward and for a moment I thought she was going to fall. My heart nearly stopped. I grabbed her horse’s reins in shock. She smiled, her bright hair blowing around her.

“Look at me. I’m galloping. I really like this. I’m riding a horse and galloping away.”

Eun Soo’s point of view:

I started to move as one with the horse. I felt like screaming.

This was my problem. I know shouldn’t be staying in such a place where blood flows so freely. In my head, there was this huge red blinking STOP sign giving off warning signals. I know I should try to find an exit out of this. Even at this moment, I was feeling all of these things. Even though I know all this wouldn’t do, I still wished to look at that man. I still followed him. My heart often wavered.

There is nothing I can do anyway. Mentally, I shrugged my shoulders and threw up both my hands in helplessness. Even though I declared I could find my way back to heaven’s door by myself – I knew I couldn’t. I have stayed in Gangnam for 10 years, yet I still didn’t know my way around and got lost often. How in the world would I find my way back alone? In this world, who else could I trust and follow except this man?

It was time to board the boat. While Choi Young went about making sure the two horse were securely onboard, I tried to steady my steps. But I didn’t dare go up the boat and stopped in my tracks. Choi Young extended his hand to me. I looked at his hand and looked the distance I had to make to get on the boat, and came to a conclusion.

“It’s too far away.”

I told him, then continued.

” And the boat is moving.”

He replied.


Without saying more, Choi Young held me in his arms and carried me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly. We seemed to be having a silent exchange as this was going on.

“Please trust me.” he said.

“I know.” I replied.

Man, how I wished they filmed that last scene of Choi Young carrying Eun Soo up the boat and zoomed into their faces when they had that silent exchange. That would have been daebak. I will continue the boat scene in the next excerpt. The scene replaces the time they had in the forest.

And I think we all need a Choi Young in our lives – even if for just one day.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 10

So that no one will be confused, the scene you’ll be reading about replaces the one in which both of them slept over in the forest. This scene takes place on a boat – they are on their way to visit the exiled Kyeong Chang Gun. I figure this is the original scenario written by Song Ji Na, but I guess it would have been logistic hell to film scenes on a boat, thus the venue was switched to a forest. If you can recall one of the earlier excerpts from Vol 1, there was another segment that took place on a boat that wasn’t filmed. The production team was really working on a constrained budget.

Choi Young’s point of view:

Once we were boarded the boat, she worriedly headed towards the mast, sat down beside it and clung onto it for dear life. I was increasingly getting worried for her. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to look seasick yet. Just a short while ago, she had cranked her head upwards and was just staring at the stars in the sky. Now she was looking at the river’s shore. The wind blowing across the river was very strong and cold. She was covered by a blanket and smiling brightly. That smile made my heart rock like the boat, so I quickly turned away.

The boat passed by a house. I have dreamt of having a house like that. But it was always just a scene. I never once entered the house.

She was talking, but I couldn’t hear her because of the sound of the wind.

“What did you say?”

When I turned to look at her, she was looking at that house by the shore.

“I said I wish to stay in that kind of house someday. I’m going to work hard to earn money, then I’m going to buy a piece of land like that one and build a house. It doesn’t matter if it is small in size. If it is too big, it will be difficult to tidy it up. Just a small house will do. With a small yard. Two dogs. I will grow tomatoes. Two rooms will suffice. I will fill one room with comics, and play and eat everyday.”

Though I couldn’t understand some of the words she used, an image began to form before my eyes. The house that I have dreamt about, with two dogs in the yard and that playful, smiling woman.

The next moment, I woke up from that fantasy. More dark clouds were covering the sky and the night became even darker. The boat was tilting to one side. Though it doesn’t seem as if anything untoward was going to happen, I had to make preparations in the event something does happen.

“Please come closer.”

“I don’t want to.”

I had no words to refute her so I just looked at her while she hugged the mast even tighter. Her position wasn’t really within my field of vision. I tapped my sword firmly on the space beside me.

“Here. Next to me.”


I tapped the sword again.


She just stared at me.

” You are too far away – it will be difficult for me to protect you.”

At that, she released her hold on the mast and made her way towards me. This person. She never listens to me if I speak just once and always asks many questions. But if it is anything relating to protecting her, she wouldn’t put up any further arguments. But as usual, there was no end to her questions.

Eun Soo goes on to ask Choi Young whether he is close to the former king. He doesn’t answer that question.

Choi Young’s point of view:

“Please go to sleep now.”

“Let’s talk a bit more.”

“Once we get off the boat, we are going to get moving. There won’t be time for us to sleep then.”

“We don’t know many things about each other. Do you know my name?”

That stopped me. People from heaven should have names, too. For the first time, I was conscious of that fact.

“My name is Eun Soo. Yoo Eun Soo.”

Without realising, I mouthed her name silently to myself. What would it look like if it was written down? Though I was curious, I didn’t ask her.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

“Are you married?”

I suddenly recalled people in those days married at a young age and that’s why I asked. He should be married, right? I guess I asked for nothing. A few moments passed before Choi Young answered.

“I’m not married.”

“So you’re not married…”

Whatever it is, I felt reassured when I heard his answer. But I started to feel embarrassed and covered myself with a blanket – right up to my mouth.

“I’m going to sleep first.”

No matter how I tried to lay down and get comfortable, nothing worked. Choi Young took the a roll of straw which was at the side of the boat and put it under my head to support it. Because of that, our faces were now very close to each other. With that small distance between us, I asked him.

“If I ask to check your wound, you wouldn’t agree, right?”

“That would be difficult.”

“I just want to check whether the spot where I operated on is clean. That will do, too.”

“Please go to sleep.”

“Do you have a fever?”

“I don’t have a fever.”

Choi Young’s point of view:

To figure whether I was telling the truth, she stared at me comtemplatively under the light given off by the lanterns. I started to feel awkward so I rose to a sitting position. She dragged the blanket up to her face and said.

” Please go to sleep too, Choi Young Ssi.”


“Good night.”


” I’m saying sleep well.”

And after that, quietness ensued.

I started to contemplates what would be the best move in our current situation.

I could hear the sound of Eun Soo breathing beside me. She was in a deep sleep and her breathing was calm. I told her to trust me. And she seems to do so without suspicion or wariness. At that thought, my heart tightened with gladness.

I absolutely cannot violate this trust. Until the day she leaves, I have to protect her. I must send her off personally on that day. Therefore, until that day arrives, I will have to stay alive.

I suddenly was startled from my thoughts. It was still there in my pocket. The bottle of medicine that Eun Soo had passed to me by hand. I had to eat two at one time. I unscrewed the cap and took out two tablets. I put them in my mouth. I finished it all up despite the taste. Whatever parts there were left of me started to wake up, corner by corner. Parts that have never seen the light for the longest time. Corners that I didn’t know existed.

I just love how Song Ji Na described Choi Young’s feelings in the last couple of paragraphs. I swear it sounds more logical in Korean – I know it sounds a little weird in English. I really tried my best to translate, but this was the most coherent I could come up with – apologies!! I’m just so blown away by the simplicity and straightforwardness of Choi Young’s character. He has to protect her. He has to send her back. Thus, he cannot die. And as he digests the medicine given to him by Eun Soo, he feels his body starting to awaken and experience warmth again. I think the pills are a metaphor for Eun Soo’s care, concern and lively wamrth. So lovely.

The value he places on Eun Soo’s trust and faith in him is beyond moving. He treasures it more than anything and it gives him the will to survive and move mountains. From the start to the end of the drama, it was really Eun Soo’s trust/faith in Choi Young and his subsequent trust/faith in her that sustained the both of them, especially him. It is amazing how Song Ji Na can base an entire drama on the concept of faith alone and still come out a winner. Maybe not in the TV ratings department, but definitely in the hearts of all Faith fans.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 11

Bits of this excerpt wasn’t filmed or wasn’t reflected in the drama. Eun Soo and Choi Young have reached Ganghwa-do and are on their way to Kyeong Chang Gun.

Choi Young’s point of view:

“No matter how urgent the situation is, even if my head is getting chopped later, I need to wash up. If my head’s going to get chopped off, I want to present a nicely cleaned head.”

Because Eun Soo proclaimed such, I had to find a place in the village for her to wash up. I decided to quickly wash up, too. Before I meet Kyeong Chang Gun, I better try to wipe off all traces of blood from all over my body.

We keep to the part where Choi Young finally meets up with Kyeong Chang Gun in the dilapidated hut.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

Choi Young asked the young boy.

“Have you been well all this time?”

I stood beside him in disbelief. Choi Young’s expression was so warm and gentle…I just couldn’t believe it and kept staring at him. Is he really a person capable of expressing such feelings?

The young boy, the former king, held onto Choi Young’s clothes and hugged him. Choi Young put his arms around the young boy and hugged him back. Choi Young lifted his head slightly and I managed to sneak a peek at his face.

He had been smiling brightly from awhile go, but his smile slowly faded and his expression started to turn cold as he looked around the hut. I followed his line of vision and started to look around the place, too.

The young boy seemed to be living here alone. The place was so very sparse. Has he been living and passing his time like that all this while?

I gave him a quick look-over. His complexion looked pallid and I noticed he was limping on one side when he was running towards Choi Young? How am I suppose to treat this child successfully?

Sunlight was streaming through the windows so I could examine Kyeong Chang Gun thoroughly. I checked his ears and his eyes. He could be suffering from…

My heart was starting to sink as I turned the boy around.

As I was examining Kyeong Chang Gun , Choi Young was keeping up a running conversation with him. Choi Young answered all his questions one by one: always with a smile, always in a familiar voice.

Choi Young’s point of view:

Eun Soo continued to ask Kyeong Chang Gun questions about his ears eyes and legs. Kyeong Chang Gun was impressed that she knew what was wrong.

“Young-ah. This person is amazing. She knows everything.”

The young boy was smiling but I couldn’t smile along with him. I looked at Eun Soo; she wasn’t smiling either. She resumed with her examination of the boy.

Kyeong Chang Gun asked me about heaven and I filled him in. The young boy’s eyes became dreamy.

“I can imagine what it looks like. So beautiful.”

I turned to look at Eun Soo again. She was facing me and her eyes looked dark and desolate.

Eun Soo suggests that they take Kyeong Chang Gun back to the medical quarters, but Choi Young informs her Kyeong Chang Gun can’t step out of the hut . If he does, it would be considered treason.

Choi Young’s point of view:

It wouldn’t be wise to move Kyeong Chang Gun in his current physical state. I was getting flustered. And I was starting to feel afraid. My hands started to sweat.

Why am I so afraid?

Dae Man had not returned. Something must have happened. I thought about how I was going to redeem myself in the eyes of the king for not following orders. I thought about Ki Chul and all his plans. All these were reasons enough for me to become afraid.

I stood up. The afternoon sun was setting. It would be dark soon. And soon, blood would be spilled again. I remember experiencing this kind of fear before.

Mae Hee. That night that proved to be the last time we saw each other. I faced her steadily, imploring her to trust me, and sending her off to escape. I was feeling afraid just like now.

“Look at me. Are you listening to me?”

I asked her that many times. And as I was asking her, I was becoming more breathless, my hands started to sweat. In that state, I sent Mae Hee off. I told her I would definitely find her. I told her to wait for me. That was the last time. Mae Hee didn’t trust me. She did not wait for me.

This must be the least romantic excerpt I have translated, but hopefully you’ll find the snippets of insight into the OTP’s thoughts and feelings interesting still. I like how Eun Soo has Choi Young wrapped around her finger; he has no choice to do what she bids with all her hilarious, but somehow seemingly logical, reasoning. Like how she has to wash up no matter what her future entails. Heh. He just can’t win.

The bit about Mae Hee is intriguing: it really shows how much Choi Young values trust – or faith placed in him. He obviously blames himself for causing Mae Hee’s death because he didn’t come across to her as someone she could rely on in tough times. He wasn’t devastated by her death purely because he lost her forever; he was more devastated at her lack of faith in him to see and support her through danger and sorrow. It’s a tragic school of thought, but quite a deep, moving one.

From the drama, it is clear that Choi Young is basically quite a confident person, and confident of his skills as a warrior and protector. He is aware that he possesses the fighting prowess and intelligence to protect his charges. He can protect and shield them from almost anything; as long they as trust him 100 percent. And he has to be able to feel and know that – he doesn’t want to have to worry about them running off mid-way in fear. It is that faith and belief in him that drives him. But if that steadfast faith and belief is not given to him, it haunts him. Just like Mae Hee.

But Eun Soo displays unquestioning trust and faith in him for most of the drama. She may not know what he was up to most of the time, but she trusted him explicitly and had faith that he was doing the best thing for her in whatever situation faced. That was why he could sustain and survive through anything.

Because of her faith in him, his faith in her also grew. Their mutual faith in each other led to their unwavering faith in their love – so much so that they both genuinely believed they would reunite one day even when they were separated by time and space at the end of the drama.

Their love story is truly the most organic one ever in K-drama. Their entire relationship was based on faith from the start. Thus when love came along, it was steadfast and powerful because the foundation was already set solid from the beginning.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 12

I’m posting my weekly Faith translation early this week because I won’t be able to this weekend. We continue from the previous excerpt.

Choi Young’s point of view:

Ki Chul said that if Kyeong Chang Gun could be cured, he will send the heavenly doctor back. If she couldn’t…certain death awaited her. What if I give up Kyeong Chang Gun and run away with the heavenly doctor…what am I supposed to do?

I calmed myself down. As that thought weighed heavily on my mind, I started hoping things I should not dare hope for. But I started to think quickly, and left that hope twisted deep into my heart.

When I gathered my thoughts, I turned back towards the opened door. My steps halted and I couldn’t cross the doorway when I took in the scene in front of me.

Eun Soo was sitting on the bed with Kyeong Chang Gun and they were laughing. She was telling him about heaven and they just continued to laugh. But Eun Soo suddenly turned around and saw me. With her eyes filled with laughter, she asked me wordlessly, “Why?” I replied her the same way, only using my eyes, “Huh? What?”

I stepped into the room and asked her.

“Can you treat Kyeong Chang Gun in this place?”

She waited for a moment before replying.

“I’ll need some medicinal herbs and Jang Bin will know which ones. It would be best if you could escort him here.”

“I will go and bring them here. I’ll try to bring Jang Bin here too if possible.”

She stared at me. Though I felt worried, I continued in a decisive manner.

“It would be much faster if I went alone. I think going alone is a good idea.”

She still remained silent, while Kyeong Chang Gun looked as if he was going to start crying any second.

“Young-ah. You just came…how can you leave so soon? Don’t you know how much I missed you? I have a lot to tell you.”

“I’ll go and come back. I’ll be back before dark tomorrow.”

“You can’t go, Young-ah.”

At that moment, Eun Soo said to Kyeong Chang Gun.

“Please ask him to go and come back quickly. I will spent the whole night telling you stories about heaven. “

I asked Kyeong Chang Gun cautiously.

“Will you be okay?”

Eun Soo turned to look at me.

“You’ll come back, right?”

“I’ll come back.”


Eun Soo held out a finger towards me.

“But on one condition. When you come back, make sure you buy many dumplings for me.”

My tension-hardened heart instantly relaxed on hearing that.

“I will do that.”

Eun Soo turned back to Kyeong Chang Gun and smiled.

“He said he will come back with dumplings.”

Kyeong Chang Gun asked in a fearful tone.

“The heavenly doctor will stay with me, right?”

“Of course I’ll stay here. Where can I go by myself? And leave these two men here?”

I smiled and went to stand in front of Kyeong Chang Gun.

“I’ll go and come back.”

“Go and come back quickly.”


I bowed and turned back towards the door. I was walking towards it, when I heard Eun Soo’s voice.
“Please come back quickly.”

I turned around and saw Eun Soo waving her two hands at me.
The fact that I’m leaving her here in such a place, she should be anxious and angry. But here she is waving at me, assuring me she’s fine and asking me to go and return as soon as possible. Next to her, Kyeong Chang Gun started waving his hands at me, too.

In that deeply surprising moment, hope started to rise in me. My dream of that house – staying on that land together with those two people. That image flashed before my eyes. I had to control my feelings. I headed towards the door. I turned back again as I opened the door. Those two people were still there, smiling at me.

OMO. I love Eun Soo to bits here for not freaking out on Choi Young. Actually I love Eun Soo to bits because she never once freaked out on Choi Young during the whole drama – she was always mindful about worrying him, which is just so sweet and heart-warming. She’s really what Choi Young needs in his life.

And that last paragraph about Choi Young harbouring a fantasy about all three of them living together in one house? I guessed right! When I watched that scene in the drama, I figured at that moment when he saw both of them waving at him, it dawned on him that he yearns to be faced with such a lovely send-off and welcome every time he left the home and returned after a hard day’s work, knowing these two individuals are waiting for him. I thank Lee Min Ho for expressing those feelings so well that I was able to feel that all that bittersweet yearning coming from Choi Young.

Vol 2 Excerpts – Part 13

Choi Young discovers they are surrounded by Hwasuin and her lackeys and turns back into the hut to retrieve Kyeong Chang Gun and Eun Soo.

Choi Young’s point of view:

Kyeong Chang Gun looked me with fear when I informed him we were going to make a run for it. Eun Soo was looking was me in shock as I asked her.

” Can you stick close to my back and follow me?”

There was strange noise outside the hut. Though she was shaken, her eyes held mine and not once did she look away.

” We have to start running now. No matter what happens, don’t stop. Don’t go back – you’ll have to keep following me. If you are ready, let’s go.”

Eun Soo looked as if she wanted to ask me something but decided against it. She nodded her head.

“Let’s go.”

Outside, I started slashing anyone who was in the way. All the while, Eun Soo was just a half-step behind me, one hand on my back, while holding Kyeong Chang Gun close to her. She was following me very well.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

Choi Young steadily moved forward, his sword continuing to slash and cut down anyone who tried to block our path or attack us.

I had no intention of screaming or stopping – I just followed him. I couldn’t see what was happening around me but in front of Choi Young, blood was spraying everywhere.

I didn’t stop to think what was happening. Instead, I thought about Choi Young asking me whether I would follow him. I wanted to ask him back. In this world, who else could I follow besides you? Therefore, do you think I would be willing to be left alone by myself? Right now, there is no one I trust except you. So did you have to ask me that question?

Choi Young realises they are trapped and he thinks on his feet of a solution to get them out of the mess.

Choi Young’s point of view:

I calmed myself down. I reached towards Eun Soo and pulled her closely towards me. She was so absorbed in staring in horror at the men fighting in front of her, that she twisted and wriggled when I pulled her towards me. I pleaded with her silently. Just hang in there a little longer. I pulled her even closer until she was almost flush against me and asked her.

“Do you remember what I said earlier?”

She looked at me all wide-eyed and nodded her head. At that moment, I could see she had regained her senses and my heart immediately felt lighter.

Hwasuin goes on to throw fire bombs all over the place.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

I couldn’t believe what was happening around me. When Choi Young asked me whether I remembered his earlier words, I did remember and that’s why I nodded. In this world, instructions to follow him wasn’t something I would forget. But the ground all around was on fire. This can’t be. This is just too extreme. Just then, Choi Young turned around to face me as if to ask: are you keeping up with me?

In my heart I wanted to retreat and looked beside me. I realised I have seen that woman before. She was the one who threw the fire bombs in the medicinal quarters.

But at that moment, Choi Young held out his hand to me. He was telling me: please hold my hand. My heart suddenly tingled and leapt. I know this scene. He had said that in my dreams. He had held out his hand to me. Exactly like now. He meant to give me courage. He started to smile. Exactly like what happened in my dreams.

Hmm…I’m very intrigued by the last paragraph. This is the first time Eun Soo mentions dreaming about something familiar, dreaming about Choi Young. Maybe she has been having flashbacks sporadically, but thought nothing of it until now. Or the person in her dreams was always hazy and it just hits her it is Choi Young in her dreams. Hmmmm…

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 14

Bad news: this is the last excerpt that will feature interactions between Eun Soo and Choi Young. Future excerpts will contain a combination of thoughts of others (Jang Bin, Woodalchi, etc) with regards to the OTP – and I honestly don’t think I can post many individual excerpts on those. I’ll definitely run through the pages again to see whether I missed out any important Eun Soo-Choi Young moments.

Good news: The excerpt wraps up Volume 2 and it’s a pretty swoon-worthy way to cap the story so far – and keep us wanting for more and dying for Volume 3. This part was definitely not filmed in the drama – I would never have forgotten this scene. As mentioned before, please drop me a line/comment on the Faith Translations page once you catch wind that Volume 3 is available for purchase. Once it is available, I’ll order my copy and continue translating the novel.

Eun Soo’s point of view:

Once I grabbed hold of Choi Young’s hand, he held it tight and started to run. The path we were navigating was burning with fire – covering my nose and my eyes, we ran through the dark, swirling smoke.

The threesome make their out of the melee – thanks to Choi Young’s superior fighting skills.

Choi’s Young point of view:

I hoisted Kyung Chang Gun onto my horse and turned to look at Eun Soo. Her bright mane was matted with sweat, she was covered all over with dirt and other particles, and her beautiful face was stained. But those eyes of her were still lit up like lanterns and looking at me.

What I had to say to her now caused me deeper fear that the burning path we had just escaped from.

“You have to start running in this direction as far as you can go right now. If it rains, it will hard for them to chase us. You must go as far as you can: find a safe place to hide and stay hidden.”

“Only the two of us? Why?”

She asked me in incredulous disbelief.

“If we stay together, I won’t be able to fight properly.”

Eun Soo’s point of view:

At his words, I stared at him. Against a background that was surrounded by flames, his eyes shone a fiery red. This person…was afraid. I could feel it. This person who carried a young boy on his back as he was fighting off and striking attackers while running… a person who could drill through a fire without a drop of hesitation…if he was sending us away first… it meant he was afraid. He avoided my gaze. He took his shield that was strapped to the horse’s saddle and said.

“I will find you later.”


” No matter where you are, I will be able to find you.”

He grabbed the stirrups. he waited for me to wage a war with him. I didn’t move, so he had no choice but to look at me. His eyes were filled with desperation. I started towards him, nodding my head.


Choi Young’s point of view:

After hearing her reply, I just stood there in disbelief. After slipping one foot into the stirrups, Eun Soo wrapped her arms around my neck. I stopped breathing. Her warm, slender body covered and surrounded by much bigger frame. And she whispered into my ear.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

The wind started to blow strongly again and Eun Soo started to shiver. While she was getting on the horse herself, I just stood there without moving. I couldn’t move.

Eun Soo picked up the reins and said to Kyeong Chang Gun who was sitting in front of her.

” Please hold on to the saddle.”

Kyeong Chang Gun nodded and turned to look at me. Eun Soo also turned to look at me. She was smiling. Though I could hear the shouts of the men back at the burning house behind, I kept looking at her smile. Eun Soo got the horse to move and it started to gallop away. I watched as the horse disappeared into the darkness. I turned around.

The men had caught up. I unsheathed my sword.

I’m sorry, but I have to stop you guys.

The moon started to rise. And under the moonlight, I started to run towards them.

The hope that was buried deep in my heart began to rise like young shoots. The small house and its small land. Those two people who belong to me smiling at me from the inside. Those two people have passed by; but I could hear them calling me to come to them in the wind that blew past me. Buried and flying in that wind was that person’s scent. To protect that person’s smile and scent – I had to stay alive. When the day comes for her to leave, I have to send her off with my own hand. Because of that, I have to stay alive.

The sword in my hand struck the first man who tried to attack me. His blood splattered in the pearly white moonlight and suspended for a moment in the air.

OMO. This excerpt makes me want to bawl and smile at the same time. Choi Young’s desperation and fear touch me deeply and I’m so blown away by his inner thoughts of that deeply buried hope coming alive again because of Eun Soo. She doesn’t give him hope – she is his hope. Song Ji Na’s description of Choi Young’s feelings at the end is simply beautiful in its straightforward simplicity – Eun Soo’s smile means the world to him and he is determined to protect it at all costs. Eun Soo’ s smile doesn’t simply lift his spirits – it is a symbol of her faith and trust in him, and his ability/promise to protect her.

Awwww. I think this is the first time that our stoic warrior admits that he finds Eun Soo beautiful. And how much do I love that our heroine doesn’t need saving all the time and is resourceful, brave and smart. She strives to put our hero’s mind at ease and his heart at peace in difficult times – above all things, and even above herself. Yes, she depends on him for protection, but she doesn’t want to burden with additional worries and unnecessary damsel-in-distress situations. What I really love is that throughout the whole drama, she always tried to prevent herself from being in situations that require him to save her. She wants to keep him safe and unharmed, too. It is her way of protecting him while he goes about protecting her. They are partners in the truest sense of the word.

I can’t wait for Volume 3 – which I think will be chock-full of wonderful OTP moments.

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 15

Guys – I can’t believe I missed this part of the novel. Now I know what Eun Soo was referring to in my last excerpt when she mentioned that she had seen a particular scene played out before in her dreams. The scene which Choi Young held out his hand to her and smiled. I figured Song Ji Na was too detailed and conscientious not to have somehow mentioned something relating to this earlier, so I flipped through the pages again. Voila! This following excerpt is again un-filmed in the drama and it takes place while Eun Soo is being locked up in Ki Chul’s residence. Choi Young is still unconscious and back at the palace.

Eun Soo is being locked in a room and it doesn’t have windows. She decides to lie down on the bed to rest for awhile and ended up falling asleep. And then, she starts dreaming…

In front of me, someone was walking ahead. Strangely, that person’s back was familiar. The hem of a blue robe was fluttering in the wind. The blue robe was familiar. With his long legs, he firmly strode ahead, then he turned around. Ahh… I was shocked and stopped in my tracks. It was that person. He was looking at me, and then he smiled. I stopped and waited…but wait a second. He wasn’t waiting for me. He wasn’t heading towards me and smiling. He was heading towards me and holding out his hand. He was asking me to quickly hold his hand. What kind of dream is this??

After a moment of confusion, I woke up from the dream.

It was dark. My head started to throb. I was probably suffering from a lack of glucose.

The dream halted again. That person’s face in my dream…I can still see it vividly even after waking up. That person really has not smiled at me even once in reality. That person who has never once smiled at me…would I able to see that smile in my dreams?

But back to reality. What is happening to me now? I have been dragged here and locked up. It is because I swore in front of the king yesterday? Was that why he ordered Ki Chul to catch and bring me here? Did that make any sense? The king is supposed to be on my side. But that’s what the vice-captain of the Woodalchi said yesterday: it was a royal order. That’s why I had to go. Was I being abandoned by the king? Then what am I supposed to do now?

I started to get worried but I quickly raised my head. Good thoughts. I shall only think of good thoughts. If I start to think negatively, I will start feeling bad. My stress level will also start to increase – none of this is going to help. Therefore…what are the good things I can think of now? I rotated my wrist and stared at it. The night before, I was dragged here by some men and bruises were forming on both my wrists. Was being dragged like that and having bruises a good thing? They called me a witch…don’t tell me I was going to be burnt at the stake?

This isn’t it. These aren’t good thoughts. As for good thoughts…

That’s person’s smile should be a good thought. I tried to recall his smiling face that appeared in my dreams. Worried that the meaning of my dream may scatter and be forgotten altogether, I started to breath out carefully.

In my dream, he started to smile when he looked at me. He held out his hand to me. I have seen that look a thousand times and it felt familiar.

How sweet and touching is it that Choi Young’s smile in her dreams represents the only good thing to Eun Soo at that moment? Mind you – it’s not even his actual smile per se. According to Eun Soo, he hasn’t smiled at her once in real life.

Now we know what she meant when she mentioned about her dream when Choi Young demonstrated the exact actions to her later. I’m not sure whether her dream is based on her time-travelling (I swear till now all that space-time theory confuses me big time – I’m just glad they ended up together. Period.) experience and is an event she experienced before. But I would like to think what she was dreaming about was whatshe subconsciously yearned for deep in her heart – Choi Young smiling at her, Choi Young holding out his hand to her. She may not admit it, but she has developed feelings for him.

As to why Choi Young did play out in reality what happened in her dreams – my reasoning is simple. It was a metaphorical representation that they were finally on the same page emotionally, physically and spiritually. Eun Soo wasn’t predicting her future when she dreamt that scene – it was her subconscious desire to have that kind of deep connection and relationship with him that made her dream that kind of scene.

Their thoughts, minds and hearts finally connected as one. His actions were not only what she yearned for him to do – it was what he yearned to do for her as well. Eun Soo realised the moment he held out his hand to her that they did indeed share an intangible special connection. That was probably why she initiated that hug just before she rode away with Kyeong Chang Gun. She knew they somehow shared a unique bond.

Choi Young may have fallen for Eun Soo first, but me thinks that Eun Soo was the one who realised they were meant for each other first.

Phew! I feel like I’ve been teleported back to high school Lit class with all this analysis and reading between the lines. Sorry for rambling on so much – hope it sorta makes sense to you:)

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 16

Eun Soo has been taken away by Ki Chul, while Choi Young is still unconscious. In this excerpt, we get a slight idea of what was going on in the minds of others other than Choi Young and Eun Soo. Jang Bin is most probably the character that most of us are curious about since well, he really was quite a fascinating individual.

Choi Young’s point of view:

Though I was in a deep sleep, I could feel something happening at the lower part of my body – like the flowing of water. Though I felt cumbersome and slow, I did not stop. I was quietly finding my way as the flowing went on. My displaced powers were fully gathered together yet. If I was fortunate enough to wake up, the powers would need to be gathered.

Jang Bin’s point of view:

I looked at Dae Man who was standing beside me. He looked at me anxiously, waiting for me to say something.

“He’s sleeping.”

“Is he going to keep sleeping? Now…”

“Just wait – he’ll wake up.”


“I don’t know. We can only wait.”

My heart was feeling disturbed. The heavenly doctor has been caught and taken away. A person who didn’t know about life on this land. A person who went into a place rife with danger without thinking. A person whom I have no idea of what she is afraid of. I was worried for her – so much so my mouth kept feeling dry.

Dae Jang’s lips shouldn’t be so tightly sealed. I instructed Dae Man to prepare water for him. Even before I finished my sentence, I was running to leave. In reality, I wanted to remain with Dae Jang and Dae Man.

“Hey you.”

I called out to the man who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, unaware of everything.

“No matter what, I think the heavenly doctor is going to suffer. The Ki Chul that we know… If that person dies and you wake up… I really don’t know what to do.”

I recalled the heavenly doctor kissing Choi Young’s lips. What she did…did she give breath to him out of consciousness as her position as a doctor? If not, was it what her heart directed her to do?

I did not know what to be more concerned about. Should I be concerned about the doctor who is a woman from heaven giving her heart to a man on this land ?That man’s heart who is unable to accept such…That’s why I was concerned that the doctor’s heart would get hurt. If not, should I be concerned about myself – who just wants to watch everything from the sidelines?
I think it is pretty obvious to all those around – and anyone with eyes – that Choi Young and Eun Soo were falling for each other. Jang Bin probably thinks at this point that Choi Young was probably protecting Eun Soo out of duty than anything else despite being aware that the warrior may have some sort of feelings for Eun Soo. But he suspects that Eun Soo already has already fallen for Choi Young at this point – which is interesting. Because by watching the drama, it does feel and look as if Choi Young fell for Eun Soo first.

Vol 2 excerpt – Part 17

Ommph. I discovered yet another fairly intriguing excerpt of Choi Young. This takes place while Choi Young is trying to heal his injury via his own special powers by hiding in a corner and practising deep breathing. Jang Bin had informed him earlier that Eun Soo was worried about him and wanted to examine him, but Choi Young refuses to see her.

Choi Young’s point of view:

Mae Hee ya. I’ll calling you so please turn around. About giving a vow. Can I break a vow just this once? If I lived up to my vows 99 times, but broke one vow just this one time…would that make me a person who doesn’t keep his promises? My hesitant heart is taking notice. That person is ordering me again.

“Don’t die. Live and honour your vow to me.”

Mae Hee ya. The person whom I escorted from heaven… I think she has probably used some kind of heavenly spell on me. Like a whip, whenever my heart swings towards that person, I can’t seem to avoid her. I can’t get past her, will receive her and eventually will get tied to her. I can’t fight her. I have committed a great sin towards her. Therefore, I can’t do anything else but run away from her.

I started to sweat profusely and my temperature started to rise. This should be dangerous…I thought as I continued doing what I did. I just needed to hang in there for a few more days.

I guess we are supposed to be touched by his deep feelings for Mae Hee, but since the drama didn’t really explore their love story too deeply, it feels more like a plot device to me. But I do like the fact that Choi Young was continuously being disturbed by his growing feelings for Eun Soo early on. The poor man never had a chance with her – he was stricken/smitten by her from Day One.

Vol 2 excerpt – Part 18

And we come to Deok Man! He was such a dorky, adorable character in the drama and such a major shipper of his beloved Dae Jang and Eun Soo. I’m glad Song Ji Na expanded a little on his thoughts in the novel.

This excerpt continues from the first part of Vol 2 excerpt – Part 1 – right after Choi Young refuses to answer Deok Man about Eun Soo.

Deok Man’s point-of-view:

I was going to question him further but the cold expression in Dae Jang’s eyes caused me to turn around and return to my position.

As I made my way to the medicinal quarters, I started to wonder. Dae Jang is at it again. If he just made a normal mistake, such impracticality wouldn’t be required. Did he say something to the heavenly person that wounded her pride?

The last time when the heavenly doctor came to the Woodalchi quarters looking for Dae Jang, I was there. Without any embarrassment, she walked into the quarters with her legs bare. After that, Dol Bae penned a poem titled ” Heavenly Legs Of Beauty” and even drew a picture beside it. Even though Bu Jang ordered us to empty the quarters later, I could see that the heavenly doctor was burning with anger towards Dae Jang.

At that time, when tears were rolling down her face, all the men were still there. At that time, Dae Jang was avoiding her at all cost. She shouted all of Dae Jang’s wrongdoings out loud. Did he capture her by force? Using force on that body…my goodness.

That day, we left those two people inside and vacated the quarters. Though I don’t know what was being said between those two people inside, I knew that Dae Jang would maintain his inflexible military stance. Later, the heavenly doctor came out and her face was dark. I knew that because I was the one who escorted her back to the medicinal quarters. That time, she also said to me:

” That Dae Jang of yours. Watch over him well.”

I soon knew what she meant. After that incident, Dae Jang couldn’t eat properly and started to look like a sickly patient. He must have been cursed.

Ahhhhh Dae Jang. You mean you still can’t meet her, humble yourself and admit you are wrong? What’s so hard about doing that? Did he forget that the heavenly doctor saved him from dying from the stab wound? If the same thing happened to me, I would be kneeling at her bedside everyday morning. Bowing three times, seven times… what are 100 bows if you are able to see the heavenly doctor’s beautiful face in the process?

Heh. Deok Man is so cute. And I was laughing when I read that Dol Bae even composed a poem in tribute to Eun Soo’s legs. HAHAHAHA. That is Dol Bae, all right. Deok Man knows that Choi Young is feeling guilty towards ES but just can’t bring himself to apologise to her. And he has such a big crush on Eun Soo – which is sweet and amusing at the same time.