[preview] bossam episode 16

“I love her. I truly love her very much.” 그 사람 연모합니다 진정으로 많이 연모합니다 That’s all I need to survive until Episode 16 of Bossam airs tomorrow. Ba Woo is reunited with… Continue reading

will we get a jung il woo-yuri kiss this weekend?

I’m fervently hoping so with all my spazzy, squee heart. I’m wondering what kind of kiss we would get from these two. A slow, sweet, lingering one? A hot, heated, sensual one? In… Continue reading

seol hyun’s top 5 outfits

nevertheless press conference

That’s the English title JTBC is going with for its new drama starring Song Kang and Han So Hee. It only has 10 episodes and will air on Netflix. The drama premieres June… Continue reading

[bossam] she saw him first…

hong jong hyun safely discharges from military duty

He’s really baaaack. Hong Jong Hyun was officially discharged from military duty on June 17. His agency posted a short clip on Instagram to celebrate his homecoming. He’s looking good and healthy. 😍… Continue reading

you who are the most beautiful in joseon…

Finally some decent footage of Jung Il Woo and Yuri behind-the-scenes in Bossam. During the filming of the peach blossom scene, Jung Il Woo muses how Ba Woo should address Soo Kyung to… Continue reading

yoona’s top 5 red carpet looks

[bossam] promises

cab to cover

Le Je Hoon is the cover guy for GQ Korea, with three versions available. His latest drama, Taxi, recently ended its run to decent ratings. I started watching it for fun since it… Continue reading

monthly magazine home holds press conference

Kim Ji Suk stood out in his baby blue suit among the neutral palette of his co-stars. I generally like him as an actor but I don’t watch all his projects. The drama… Continue reading

kim nam gil to star in sbs drama

With the production of Island delayed due to the re-casting of the female lead and revising of script, Kim Nam Gil has signed on to play a profiler in the upcoming SBS drama,… Continue reading