just sooo darned addictive…Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

I haven’t had time to recap Episode 8 yet, but I just had to share how fab the drama is. Firstly, Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee are totally nailing their respective… Continue reading

brief recap: Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love episode 7

This drama shows no sign of slowing down and I’m glad. Another rockin’ episode. I won’t do full recaps for three reasons: 1) Recaps will probably be done using raw episodes, without subtitles.… Continue reading

dial ‘7’ for bravery: Saving General Yang

Ah. I forgot how utterly satisfying a Chinese historical film can be when done well. The last I watched was Red Cliff, and since I’m allergic to Ip Man-ish flicks, there hasn’t been… Continue reading

all asian….all different

So I just watched the long preview of episode 7 of Jang Ok Jung and it looks sad, but good. But sad. Ok Jung’s life in the palace is just gonna steamroll from… Continue reading

why is she in so many of favourite dramas?!

Air City. Star Lovers. Can’t Lose. The trio above belong to my must-watch-on-repeat list. Common denominator? Choi Ji Woo. And I’m no where close to being a fan of hers. But I’m digging her… Continue reading

hit but miss: one man’s meat is another man’s poison

There just have been so many hit dramas over the past year that I didn’t dig, so much so I’m wondering whether I have bad taste. Then again, it really is based on… Continue reading

current drama obsession: Jang Ok Jung – living in love

I’m lovin’ this drama so far. I love, love it. Not as much as my beloved Faith (that requires another post altogether), but I’m really enjoying it. As I said, I kinda skew… Continue reading