jumong… no kisses too…just hugs

Thanks to the just-hug-no-kiss situation in Bossam, my memory was jolted thoroughly and I realised Song Il Gook and Han Hye Jin had no kissing scenes either in Jumong. I actually thought they had at least one but they didn’t. They had a smokin’ poster shoot but that was it. There were some hugs in the beginning but that ended after Jumong and Soseono were separated and had to marry different people for practical reasons. They were soulmates but weren’t destined to be together. Their story was more star-crossed than tragic, but it was evident they never stopped loving each other deeply despite all circumstances.

Soseono was just unstoppable in her love, faith and support for Jumong from start to finish. Doesn’t matter if they married other people; she believed in him and helped build his kingdom. She married him to strengthen the new nation they founded together but left in the end to prevent him from agonising which son to be his successor. He had a son with his wife, Yesoya, but he thought they died. Soseono had two sons with her former husband, who later died, and Jumong adopted them as his own when they got married. But Yesoya returned with her son and Soseono decided she should leave since Yesoya’s son was the rightful heir to the throne.

I found some clips and sighed again at how awesome Soseono was, and played wonderfully by Han Hye Jin. She and Song Il Gook had lovely chemistry and emotional connection, and they were collectively stirring in the emotionally heavy scenes. Jung Il Woo and Yuri remind me little of them in gravitas and that air of quiet dignity, though I personally think the Bossam pair have more chemistry and physical attraction, and of course, a more contemporary take in their portrayals. The slow, gentle hugs, forthright sincerity in expressing their feelings, and the simmering tension are very similar. Yuri and Han Hye Jin also mastered that gentle yet assertive manner of speech, and classy composure.

I’m still hoping beyond hope that we’ll get a kiss from Jung Il Woo and Yuri.

Check out Jumong below: