nevertheless dips to 1.3 per cent rating in episode 2

I’m honestly not surprised. I tried to watch Episode 2 and gave up after five minutes. Song Kang does nothing, makes me feel nothing in his role while Han So Hee lacks the screen presence and charisma to substantiate herself as a female lead. Or is this her first leading role? I’m not sure. There isn’t much chemistry between the two actors either. While cable network ratings can’t be compared to that of mainstream channels point for point, JTBC generally produces stuff with decent ratings. There was a lot of buzz when the leads were cast. TV ratings aren’t always the best reflection of quality of production since many factors come into play; but I understand why Nevertheless isn’t drawing in the general audience.

In this case, maybe the network should have gone with more solid actors who could pull off the roles rather than casting trendy talents, if the narrative isn’t meaty. Better acting and better rapport between leads do help even if the storyline isn’t great. I myself have liked fluffy dramas that coast more on OTP chemistry than narrative substance. But then again, this is frivalous college fodder so that kinda narrows the pool of selection. Episode 3 airs this weekend and there are seven more episodes to go… we’ll see.