Monthly Archive: Mar, 2020

sulk alarm

Song Kang for W Korea. He does have a natural pout which makes his resting face somewhat sulky and insolent. He is currently filming the second season of Netfliz series, Love Alarm,with Kim… Continue reading

anchored on him

Outtakes of the Vogue Korea shoot of Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young. I didn’t know they were both with the same management agency, Keyeast. Anyway, my Wednesdays and Thursdays have been… Continue reading

the monarch & more

Finally we get to see the other main players for The King: Eternal Monarch. Kim Eun Sook is far from being my fave writer since the only drama I genuinely liked and followed… Continue reading

welcome, writer-nim

The “Bruce Lee of Yeouido” from Hi, Bye Mama! descends upon Find Me In Your Memory. Shin Dong Mi cameos as a renowned drama writer who is totally smitten with Ha Jin’s charm.… Continue reading

centre of attention

I’ll continue posting about Born Again as long I continue to spot updates on these two model hotties. BTS stills with the trio – a very happy Jin Se Yeon in the centre… Continue reading

snipped short

Janine Chang chopped off her hair for new movie, Soul Hunt. This is the first time she is sporting short hair since her debut 17 years ago. While she always had long hair,… Continue reading

preview: find me in your memory episode 5

I know MBC insists on the two “30-minute” segments format per broadcast but I’ll stick to the traditonal labelling of 60-minute episodes. Jung Hoon is all about tracking down Ha Jin’s stalker, who… Continue reading

a gathering of a-listers

Star-studded doesn’t quite cut it with the announcement that Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Nam Gil are confirmed for movie, Emergency Declaration. I’m pretty sure all the… Continue reading

born again drops 2nd teaser

I wish this didn’t involve reincarnation but it does. The second teaser for Born Again takes a sinister turn with more crimson blood than pristine snow. The drama is scheduled to air on… Continue reading

partner pick

Stills of Kim Go Eun and Kim Kyung Nam in The King: Eternal Monarch. We have only gotten a couple of teasers so far, none of them featuring the rest of the cast.… Continue reading

yeah, yoona

Yoona is back with a bang with L’Officiel Korea, posing for triple covers for its Spring/Summer 2020 edition. I love the style and mood of all the photos and I’m happy she’s shedding… Continue reading

soul repairer drops 1st teaser

First teaser for Soul Repairer starring Shin Ha Kyun and Jung So Min. I haven’t seen Shin Ha Kyun bathed in such warm, soft light since… never??? Ha. He plays a psychiatrist who… Continue reading