mbn news: why jung il woo + yuri have ensnared the hearts of viewers

Is the whole of MBN shipping Jung Il Woo and Yuri? Just kiddin’. In a final promotional push for Bossam, the MBN news on July 2 discussed why the drama has captured the hearts of viewers. Specifically, why viewers have fallen in love with Jung Il Woo and Yuri.

Basically, the news anchors chatted with reporters about the background of both actors. Jung Il Woo is a sageuk veteran while Yuri is a sageuk newbie. Their drama characters are attractive and they have both put in exceptional performances. Also, the storyline is quite unique and refreshing, with lots of action. Thus, the record-breaking TV ratings. They then started talking about the chemistry and relationship between the two actors off- and onscreen, interspersing the feature with some of my fave clips of the two. There’s the clip where Yuri shared how Jung Il Woo cooked her a huge birthday dinner and how touched she was by his actions. Not too bad for a man she initially thought exuded a “rude” aura. Heh. The news anchors even noted the two were very close and obviously enjoyed a good relationship. There are also clips of Jung Il Woo being sweet to Yuri and them bickering cutely off-camera and in between scenes.

HA. Love that the thumbnail is the couple photo Jung Il Woo shared on his Instagram. So spazzy and so squee.