Monthly Archive: Dec, 2019

sbs drama awards 2019

You can always trust Kim Sun Ah and Honey Lee to va-va-voom up the red carpet. Seeing Jung Il Woo reminded me that I really liked Haechi, his post-military comeback project. I had… Continue reading

kbs drama awards 2019

The fashion was much better at the KBS Drama Awards 2019. The big winners tonight would be When The Camellia Blooms and Mother of Mine, predictably. I did check out a few of… Continue reading

money game drops character teasers

Ooohhh… Money Game is right up my alley. TvN dropped character teasers for Lee Sung Min, Go Soo and Shim Eun Kyung. I love financial thrillers, both movies and dramas, both Korean and… Continue reading

men in black

Agency mates Taecyeon and Soh Ji Sub snapped a photo together at the MBC Drama Awards 2019. Taecyeon attended as a presenter with Lee Yeon Hee, as both of starring in the upcoming… Continue reading

the game drops 2nd teaser

Okaaayyy… Taec is emoting not too badly in the latest teaser for The Game. Im Joo Hwan’s character appears rather mysterious so I wonder if he holds the key to Taec’s detective’s ability… Continue reading

welcome holds script reading

A young-ish cast. Script reading for Welcome, the new KBS fantasy drama starring L and Shin Ye Eun. I can’t remember who is the dog who can morph into a human or the… Continue reading

happy new year!!!

It’s New Year’s Eve where I am and some of you are. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2020 and I look forward to sharing, ranting ans swooning over many more dramas ahead. Thank you… Continue reading

she cracks him up

My couple of 2018!!! Haven’t seen this clip before. Lee Min Ki’s laughter… I swear it’s the cutest thing since he is always so stoic. They have the most sexy chemistry ever and… Continue reading

mbc drama awards 2019

Well. I don’t think I liked or faithfully followed any MBC series this year. The annual awards was held on December 30. I checked out Welcome To Life for a bit and that… Continue reading

shin min ah sends coffee truck to future co-stars

A nice gesture on Shin Min Ah’s part as she sent a coffee truck to the set of the Han Ji Min – Nam Joo Hyuk’s new movie. I know Han Ji Min… Continue reading

namgoong min + han ye seul considering tvn fantasy drama

Namgoong Min and Han Ye Seul have received offers to star in tvN drama, Day And Night. A fantasy series, the narrative revolves around a mysterious incident that occurred in a village 26… Continue reading

glimpse of rain + kim tae hee at lee wan’s wedding

A snapshot of Kim Tae Hee and Rain at Lee Wan’s wedding. All I can say is that Kim Tae Hee really looks beautiful in a hanbok. The pastel tones set off her… Continue reading